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if y'all ever get to work on another game, i suggest you do your jobs next time. because when you are shooting in chaos and the game ends like you aren't shooting something is wrong. when DESTINY comes out on September 9th people are going to say CALL OF what you shouldn't have kept blowing smoke.i'm for one will not be buying another COD and i willing to bet there are a lot more.

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Relax bud, your shares in Bungie are safe.

I've played the beta and enjoyed it, but I would hardly call it a CoD killer.  If anything kills CoD it will be the segment of the community who chooses to exploit glitches.

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Destiny will cater to a lot of people for sure. I would be more worried about what CoD is going up against Grand Theft Auto in November. For what its worth, if GTA is what it is now on previous gen consoles without all the initial online problems, it will make a huge dent in AW's sales (seeing as Ghosts had zero competition especially with current gen consoles). From what is released about AW right now, seems like they are trying to copy other FPS games and "revolutionize" CoD. Since it's Sledgehammer we're talking about, it may not be a good thing.

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nothing has really been said or stated about what AW multiplayer will be about. There are a few shooters coming out this year (way more than previous year) so there is going to be a lot to draw away from AW. They need to do something game changing, use a new engine so it takes a while for hackers to ruin the game. I personally don't enjoy ghost and I didn't enjoy MW3 (no coincidence that there both IW games) but I love what treyarch brings to the table. I hope the game doesn't get destroyed b4 they get another crack at it.

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Im not sure what your aiming at. Another rant possibly?

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So Destiny is the new 'CoD killer'?

What was the last one? Titanfall?

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destiny is a great game.

but the only thing which can kill COD is COD.

cause people love cod but gonna quit it for other games like destiny or bf or titan fall.

because of the same frustrating problems comin again and again

no matter which cod u pick up!

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bf4 is still freezing, deleting single player progress, starting mp matches without sound/weapons ...

it's not like the other games are any better than cod.

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they are not better than cod.

but better than ghost.

i tried bf4 i dont like it much but i personally saw less problem there.

i tryed destina beta there is less isuue there too

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