why not capture (domination)

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Good, maybe people like you will quit playing.  That would make everyone happy. 

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Demonhunt115 wrote:

Because there's no reward.

1) People care about there K/D too much.

2) This game doesn't reward team play, the only one who is rewarded is the person who gets on the objective first.

3) XP means nothing anymore. You unlock everything by level 10.

...If XP meant something, K/D Ratio was replaced by Score/ XP per Minute and Scorestreaks were in the game then it would be a very different story.

This is pretty much the correct answer, except you have everything unlocked by level 1 when you prestige. IW has blundered objective modes two games in a row now, they cater to slayers and no one else. Also, bf4 is just as dead as cod, it's not going to survive titanfall either.

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I have to disagree with titanfall being the killer, the game looks good but it's an xb1 exclusive. That is pretty tough to be a cross platform killer.

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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X1, 360, PC.

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What is even worse, I see players that if they took 2 steps could pick up tags and just pass by them.  I used to play mainly Domination before Ghosts.  Now I may play 4-5 games a week of Dom at most. Remove K/D from Dom.

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thanks for all the forum post, what makes me mad is that there are people who are playing domi pure for them k/d ratio sad.

I am Always a winner every match i play for the win ( k/d 1.6  w/l 2.1 )

Playing solo is hard for every cod game.

If you play solo there is one option free4all or tdm.

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I kid you not, the one game I remember every time relating to domination was a PS3 match on Octane a few weeks ago. I had 16 captures and our team still managed to lose because they were terrible with their strategy (I didn't even need their help capping I just needed them to protect our home flag).

I try and stay away from playing solo, there is nothing more frustrating than being a few tenths of a second away from capping B flag only to be killed. Low and behold you can guarantee a clueless teammate (or two) had already ran by you, if just one of them had hopped on for a second you would have had the cap.

There is one thing I would mention. I don't mind having a player or two slaying the team for sat comms / protecting B flag etc. and not capping as much as myself. The issue I have is with those players who seem to be playing for K/D but go horribly negative with just one (or 0) caps.

What these people are doing is just feeding kill streaks to the other team while also screwing over the map control.

Luckily I have a decent bunch of objective players I regularly play with and we all hold a 3+ Win / Loss ratio because of it. If you are getting frustrated I URGE you to find some people to group with. Heck, if any of you are on PS3 (I have a PS4 but my other friends haven't made the transition ) add Mortychris and I'll be happy to play some objective Dom with you (Please just add to the Friend Request that you saw my forum post or I will most likely decline!).

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LOL, what kind of sado plays DOM for objective LMFAO XD

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Okay, so this can be a really controversial topic, (and I'm afraid I might get bashed here) but here's my opinion:

It's necessary to play the objective (not just for Dom but for all other modes as well) but ONLY while maintaining a positive KD. Too many times, I've seen a team win in Dom but the average KD is 4:17 or 6:14. And I tell myself, "I'd hate to be them."

KD is NOT everything, but everyone should aim to at least have it greater than 1. This is important for clan membership, as a positive KD (usually greater than 1.25) is usually required to join any clan or play competitively with anyone.

On the other hand, playing the objective is how your team earns a victory, but honestly IMO, WL ratio is more forgivable than KD. If your WL is high (like 5) but your KD is low (like .6) then a lot of people will assume you use yourself as a meat shield. On the other hand, if your KD is higher (like 1.3) and your WL is only slightly lower but positive (say 1.05) then I'll tell you that people will definitely consider you a skillful player. Not the best player ever, but definitely competent.

Play Dom. Start the game by taking the first flag. Get a positive KD. Then start capping flags. When your KD starts getting near 1, start going more for kills again. Then begin capping flags. Sound fair?

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Electoblaze9 wrote:

Sound fair?

Sounds like youre trying to justify ignoring the objective.

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