why not capture (domination)

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I think what I said was fair and I certainly did not advocate for "ignoring the objective." Did you read what I wrote at all? Or just read the parts I was talking about KD and then skipped the rest of my explanations?

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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You are not wrong in your assessment of what clans typically look for but I personally would much rather have the meat shield on my team that does what it takes to win rather than the guy that spent the whole match worrying about maintaining his optimum kd ratio even at the expense of a loss.  I'm a strong enough player to make up for the kills that the meat shield is giving up.  I can respect your point that everyone should try to be positive from the standpoint that on average teams that manage to go positive often also manage to pull out the win but for me the win is worth more than kd.  If I'm playing KC and see 3 tags out in the open then I have no problem taking a death if it means picking up those tags.  I don't particularly count on killstreaks to earn me a win even though I'm more than capable of getting them.  To be quite honest the clans that play as you have suggested are cannon fodder for me.  I love going up against them because all I have to do is get a handful of kills on them and they retreat.  It's an easy win for me.

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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dont agree with you whatsoever, what you are saying is dum, K/D doesnt mean anything unless you are playing TDM, for example if you died 50 times running up and stopping the other team getting a cap and your team wins because you delayed the other team from taking the flag then you did a good job.

K/D is ONLY important on TDM and maybe SnD because you win by killing, on dom you win by taking and defending flags, keeping a positive K/D on dom and losing is for mugs. A win is a win whether you are positive K/D or not.

My clan only looks for decent K/D on TDM and thats it, on domination and kill confirmed we look at how many caps and how many tags were taken, if you have 1 million kills and no deaths on domination but 0 caps and a win ration of 0.2 I would tell you to go away and learn how to play the game. Win ratio is important in my clan, nearly everyone keeps over a 2.5 win ratio and thats what wins clan wars wins not K/D

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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You aren't impressing anyone.

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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Im not trying to impress any did i say i was, im pointing out that decent players dont camp on obj games, its pointless

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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lol same reason why they dont on all the others man... and yes... its ridiculous... the EXACT reason i came on to post lol

Im just looking for people that are cool to play with with,  kik it, bull shitt, play the game the way its post to be played.

isent it so much  more fun when your working as a team to get the job done? WAYYY  more rewarding ,

since we all have the same idea in mind , we might as well get together n play yea?  if anyone is trying to play DOM, Search n Rescue 911 lol, or anything strategic add me , im trying to get some people who know how to play,

for my sanity of this game!!! lol

PSN- KING_SHMACK    n ps4.... just so we clear... B]

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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Was just about to make a thread on this myself.

Domination has always been a feeding ground for K/D whores because the games last quite a while it is generally easier to get kills because of the way the spawns work and because you tend to know where people are based on what is going on with the flags. The funny thing is, if these guys actually played DOM the way it is meant to be played they would get far more kills than they are getting. Most of them end on negative / on par / just a couple more kills than deaths. They dont actually get big kill scores.

If your team holds A & B / C & B and then camps those 2 flags properly as a team then you will rack up kills very very quickly. These K/D whores dont understand this at all and just think if they sit in a room or on a roof or a dark corner they will get loads of kills but DOM doesnt work that way.

I just had a game on Octane I went 62-18 with 7 captures. The nearest person to me on my team had around 20 kills and 2 captures. Needless to say we lost. Now had my team backed me up with captures and playing DOM properly with me getting my killstreaks then we probably would have won easily but instead I ended up having to try and carry the whole team capping and defending all at the same time while trying not to get killed because if I died then we would instantly drop flags.

Im running a 1.8 k/d and 2.2 w/l, does this make me a decent player? I dont really care I just want to play and play to win, what is the point in playing anything with the aim of losing regardless of how well you think you did?

Activision, IW and Treyarch need to work harder on getting rid of children from this game because ultimately children are too immature to play the objective game modes the way they are meant to be played. This is why games like BF4 are far more enjoyable on objective based game modes, everybody is older and more mature and actually plays the game the way it should be played.

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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Well stated.  This is more or less my same feelings about DOM when playing with randoms.

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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Why don't you just throw the team on your back and take them to victory. I have a 1.8 kd with a wlr of 2.3 playing dom mostly by myself since no friends with new console yet

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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Although I personally do not agree with it in principal, CoDPS4 has the most valid point (I am playing devil's advocate so bare with me a sec):

"He paid for the game, and he can play how he wants"

yes he (like others) are playing the wrong game mode, but:

- he is not hacking

- he is not cheating

- he is not glitching

- he is not trolling players (well at least not by intent)

He is going for kills. And according to vast majority of the forum community and youtubers (and extending beyond that), KD is the most important stat, and totally matters in objective games, right?  Too many people feel that taking a loss is acceptable as long as you at least went "positive", right?  Getting KEM strikes, Nukes, MOABs and 100+ kill games in objective modes is the goal, right?

As long as K/D is influenced by any game mode, why not play a game mode that allows for more kills, or easier kills, and achieving more kills streaks. Makes 100% sense to me.

Again, as stated, I personally disagree... but as the game (and stats) are made like this, it is going to drive how people play. So even though I (and many of you) play for the W/L and not the K/D exclusively (yes I know, both is good), I completely understand why people play play "TDM" in domination, demolition, ctf, sabotage, head quarters, blitz, <insert any plant-bomb or capture game here, with the exception of SnD and the like>, etc...

People want it, and we got it* ... live with it, or not and either join them or play something else.

* If I had a say, only stats relevant to the game in question could influence those stats.  And I would also debate whether they should be public or not... but that is another story.

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