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I don't usually disagree with you rlbl, and I realize you are playing devil's advocate, so I'll take the opposing view.

Yes, he paid good money to play the game, but so did everybody else.  He is no more entitled than anyone else who plays.

What he is doing is breaking the gentleman's code of sportsmanship.  The devs have set up four modes that are Deathmatches.  These modes are where he should be playing if he was legit.  The Objective modes are not the forum for the playstyle he is so obviously proud of.

What really irks me, is that the poster has a smug attitude like he is somehow clever and thought up this exploit along with his friends.  We all know that isn't true, people have been doing this same thing forever.  The second thing that bothers me, and I can't believe nobody has pointed it out yet, is the reason he gives to why he is playing this way.  He stated that spawns are easier and he knows where everybody will be.

Does this not imply that he is a spawn killer?

It's unsporting and dishonorable no matter how one tries to rationalize it.  There is a social contract that one accepts when dealing with society, be it the COD society or society in general.


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Re: why not capture (domination)

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they should just come up with an all or nothing mode for objective modes.  if your team wins you keep your stats...if not they reset.  So if you go 75-4 and you team loses it was all for not (but you still have your Uber Utube video).

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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what about this:

Lets play a war game!

Yes we got the most kills but we lost the war...FAIL

Just like Hitler in the 2e world war, he got the most kills but he lost and killd himself.

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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Take k/d (kill death ratio) out of the game and people would capture and play the objective.

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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No they wouldn't.

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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I have come to the conclusion that the absolute wost players play domination. I am not saying all people that play domination are bad but that is where the bad players go. They can boost their KD by camping in random spots and getting cheap kills and then feel good because they had a 3.00 KD that round with 0 caps and their team got destroyed.

It is becoming the least enjoyable game mode for me by far. I have been playing nothing but domination for the past few days trying to complete the operation for domination wins and I am becoming disgusted with this game the more I play it.

The thing that pisses me off the most is that you don't get credit for wins in matches you join in progress. I have probably had 20 to 30 wins that did not count. Typically, I join a match, my team wins, and then every round after that I lose because nobody else will cap points.

My last two matches went like this. I join with the score tied at 8-8, my team wins, I get no credit for the win even though I played over 90% of the game. Next round we play, my team loses. I finish the match with 6 caps, the next highest person had 2 caps and everybody else had 1 or 0 caps.

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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It would be interesting if they imposed a rule similar what I think ghost did for blops 2, where if you're in game and haven't attempted to capture a sinlge point,  then you're prompted to quit?
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Re: why not capture (domination)

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This has been an issue with every CoD I have played, from W@W onwards. People are free to play the game as they wish, which is the essence of a FPS. Treyarch gave players an incentive to play the objective and it was partially sucessful, but there were still plenty who just used objective games to boost their KDR.

Personally I have never been a fan of seeing other players stats. I am only interested in my own, and only as a guide to how well I am performing. Others can't tell how good or not I am from my stats, because only I know how I got them. Others don't know how many domination matches I have spent kill whoring, how many I have played the objective hard, how many I have set about completing operations, how many matches I have had bad connections, and simply how many matches I have goofed around. I know when I am on form and have a good connection I can mix it with some very good players, but that doesn't happen every match.

The bottom line is I play how I want and others are free to do the same. If I don't like how my team mates play I am free to leave the match or lobby, so is everybody else if they don't like how I play.

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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Domination has become infuriating when playing on my lonesome, which is often the case at the moment. The amount of players who exploit this mode in a desperate, pathetic attempt to inflate their kill ratios - as well as their egos it would seem - is incredible.

Only last night I was dropped into a game and placed on the team trailing by a score of something like 30 - a paltry figure compared with the deficits you are often presented with when dropped into a game. Our team seemed to have a constant stream of aerial killstreaks, yet we could not retain a flag for any meaningful period of time. Come the end we lost in agonising fashion, by something like a score of 4 or 5. I was seething, as well as slightly perplexed. I had 5 captures (nothing special) as well as numerous defends (no idea how many), but when I looked at the final scoreboard only one person had a capture, and it was a solitary capture (probably the initial flag upon starting the match). I'm not even kidding. No exaggeration on my part whatsoever.

There were a few similar instances in other matches that same night (one where we actually won despite having two players go 40-14ish with a capture between them), although the example above was by far the worst. I know it is the prerogative of the individual to play any game how they please but some really do take the piss. Knew there was a reason I avoided this mode like the plague on previous versions of the game.

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Re: why not capture (domination)

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AGreed... I remember a gamem of DOM in MW3 with Ghamorra, and Izjar. We got seriously beat up: Spawn trapped in the bunker, and MOABed. They had streaks in the air for the most part of the game...

And we won because we played the objective (when we could lol).  Our KDs were obviously in the toilet. They were surprised that pulled the win.

That brings to mind another time some person after the match was honestly surprised and confused that we won the game because our entire team was negative (KD).  It made me realize that some people really have no idea what they are doing in other game modes (than TDM)

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