Bug report: when using a killstreak reward or care package marker, game gets stuck at selecting the item

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Bug report: when using a killstreak reward or care...

Bug report:

Stuck killstreak reward action bug:

Sometimes, when using a killstreak reward or care package marker, game gets stuck at selecting the item.

What it looks like:

character takes out their PDA-style item to call in a killstreak reward, it gets shown, hidden, shown, hidden, button is pressed many times and in the result nothing happens, PDA is hidden and killstreak is not used. No action has been performed.

Workaround to fix this frozen state (no weapon/killstreak selected):

Taking out the weapon and re-using the killstreak usually makes the killstreak reward get used properly.

Maps, game modes where this happens:

Happens regardless of game mode and map. Can happen on any map, any mode.

When did this happen:

Happens all the time as I play.

How to cause this bug to repeat:

When using a killstreak reward, also press other buttons, like reloading, aiming, sprinting, knifing, other. Possibly, you need to press several killstreak buttons in a quick succession. I'm not sure what action causes this, but this happens when I try to quickly bring up SATCOM, typically.

Bug 2.

Care package not working bug:

I called in a care package, little smoke grenade dropped on the ground, but nothing happened, red smoke marker did not appear. My killstreak reward was not delivered. It showed I still had care package, but trying to call it in showed me Care package name in the bottom of the screen, but nothing was thrown. As if it had 0 ammo. When my character was killed and respawned, it worked fine.


Die and respawn, this fixes the bug.

Map, game mode, time this happened on:

This happened on the tank assembly line map (still having trouble memorizing its name), core kill confirmed, one time today, about 3 hours ago. Did not happen before, did not happen after.

How to repeat this bug:

I think I tried to use a different killstreak before care package marker (red smoke) has appeared. Not sure, as I never had this happen before.

I'm putting care package here as a related bug, which seems to be extremely rare, but could have similar reason for happening as previous bug. They could both be happening when you're trying to use/prepare one killstreak reward while using/preparing out another killstreak reward, which leads the game to get confused.

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Re: Bug report: when using a killstreak reward or ...

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I paid attention and made some conclusions, then tested and found to be true. Here goes:


Killstreak stuck - showing PDA pressing a button several times, then hand is hidden and no weapon is selected, killstreak is not used, I have to press Killstreak button again to go back to my weapon, then pressing the button again (not two killstreak buttons, but only one) makes it work properly

Bulletproof Vest stuck - bulletproof vest is lying on the ground, but can't be picked up, doesn't give XP, doesn't count towards used killstreaks, and can't be dropped again (unless I use a different killstreak, then it works).

Care Package marker stuck - care package marker was dropped, but doesn't create red cloud and doesn't call in care package. Can't be used again till respawn, because it says "no ammo" when selected.

Now I'll explain how to make this happen (tested all but care package).

To get a stuck killstreak, like SatCom:

Press killstreak button together with another killstreak button. Even if you can't use another killstreak, it'll get stuck.

To make bulletproof vest stuck:

Simply drop it on the ground and quickly press Use button (F in my case) before it lands. There - you can't use it, even though its right in front of you, on the ground.

To make care package marker get stuck:

Throw a care package marker and quickly call in another killstreak reward, before the marker is activated. There you have it - care package marker script is cancelled, care package marker is thrown out as if it was a tactical item, and you can't throw any more of them.

To make care package unreachable (bonus):

Simply drop the marker into unreachable spot or drop it in a building! There you have it, a bug that was fixed back in Modern Warfare 2 by making the crate jump around till it lands into reachable area (or it did get cancelled if dropped outside of the map?).

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Re: Bug report: when using a killstreak reward or ...

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And it's still not fixed. These bugs ruined a round of squads for me... I could not even revive team mates or capture a single crate.

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