Bug report: you can plant satcom behind closed elevator doors on Stormfront map

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Bug report: you can plant satcom behind closed ele...

Priority: Low.

Bug report:

You can plant a satcom behind closed doors inside elevator shaft on Stormfront map.

Make the elevator go up and either run out of the cabin or simply go back to the ground floor. Now, the doors are closed, SATCOM placement shows shines red, as if you can't put it there. Nevertheless, when you try to activate satcom there, it is placed correctly and starts working properly.

How this can be used: indestructible satcom!!! Not much of a threat and only lasts 30 seconds.

Call a lift to either gain access to it, or crush it with the lift itself.

Map: Storefront

Game type: irrelevant, can be used in any game type with killstreaks.

Number of times this has happened: one, when I decided to test it out of boredom

Just to let you know.

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