Call of duty ghosts game freezing.

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My Call of Duty Ghosts game has been freezing, anyone have any ideas about this? My son plays all kinds of games and none of them freeze, only Call of Duty Ghosts and I'm really getting frustrated with it. The next step from the Sony support is to reformat my harddrive on the playstation 3 console but I've read plenty of forums that say not to do that because it doesn't fix the problem. Any advice would help.

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My game started freezing after downloading the devastation mappack. In Mayday it freezes on every single game if we play splitscreen. And every time on the same place. The last door of the big hangar area with lots of containers. The multiplayer also freezes if played on splitscreen.

Activisions support keeps putting the blame on my system and connection. LOL. My friends suffer from this allso.

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I also have the same problem, every single time

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I have found the same thing happening.  My NAT type has always been open, using a single console connected directly to my router switch - it is the only equipment on that IP.  My Broadband internet is decent and ping is reasonable. Since the game originally came out I have had decent connectivity with very little freezing or getting kicked from lobbies.

Since the last map pack downloaded, it has frozen, kicked me from the lobby and actually screwed up my connection so bad that I have had to reboot my router.  I have had more connections frozen/interrupted during games since Thursday than I have had since the game came out.

I even deleted the game and reisnstalled without the DLC maps, but things are still failing constantly.  This gets worse if I am in a party.  Sometimes the freezing seems to coincide with invitations as well.

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Same problem happened twice this morning, hey support team how about a little help

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Yea, I've been having this prob. not every game but often. The quality of this game continues to disappoint.

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Same... i am not realy able to play in split screen since last update... the crazy thing is, that only the second player have a small lag. the first works fine... I hope they will fix immediatly i almost playing in split screen...

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I have the same problem.  On split screen in the new Mayday map, when the drill finishes on like the 3rd hive the game freezes every time. This happens at the same exact spot on my ps3 and my roommates ps3 so its obviously not just my ps3 sucking (And its brand new). When is this going to be fixed? Pretty messed up to sell people a faulty game that only wastes their time more than playing this stupid game in the first place.

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