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For the past 3 days now i have been unable to connect to the call of duty online servers for xbox one GHOST. I have tried everything from resetting my internet, to opening up my ports to port forwarding EVERYTHING and still cannot connect. Oh i even uninstalled the game and all saves still did not work. I tried titanfall to see if it was just my online but i can connect to titanfall no problem. Also my friends have no problem gettting onto the servers for ghost so why me!


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day 4 still unable to connect to servers

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G'day Shawn. The reason you haven't been getting responses is because you did not mark your thread as a question.

Thus it just got dropped off the support page, rather than being picked up.

Let see if I can help:

Wired or wireless?

What is the X1's NAT type?

What is Ghosts in-game NAT type?

Do you have more than one console on your internet connection? If so - have you used router configurations for that other consoles besides your X1?

What router configuration methods have you tried ?  If you used PF --> what ports did you use ? did you turn off uPnp?

Have you created Static IP's for your console(s)

Give me as much info as possible.

Having other games working is not a consideration --> as each game has different set of ports. Call of duty ports generally need to be opened up properly.

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I had the same problem on my xbox one and tried everything you did and more, the only thing that fixed it was an Ethernet LAN cable. But now I have the problem on my ps4 and literally nothing at all can fix it   And infinity ward have not tried to help these issues or address them.

hope it works soon

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