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I have Call of Duty: Ghosts on the PS4. I have purchased the Season Pass, Festive Pack, and the Wolf Skin. It says I have purchased these items in game and I have already downloaded them but they do not appear in game. I do not have the Team leader pack or the wolf skin or the festive camo. I get on everyday and about one day a week they appear but the rest of the time they are gone. I need help with this issue.

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Just to verify you are normally able to access and use the content? Do you have any other accounts set up on your console? Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the content?


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I also have a similar issue w My son and I's DLC ( Namely the ghost mask....bought with BOTH my profile and my sons on the family PS4 as well as the Flag patch pack bought on my prof). They seem to randomly be installed on one acct or the other. We have to reinstall every time we play to both be able to use our own stuff. otherwise, once we turn off the game, the DLC's go to mine and NONE are available to my son.  I appreciate your help and experience in advance to this issue.  Thank you.

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Try Activating the PS4 as the Primary PS4 console and also restoring the licenses on the PS4. This a=can be done by going to settings in the PS4 and selecting the PSN Icon. The DLC also cannot be shared in a split screen. Only the 1st account or player 1 will be able to use the contents in the game.

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