DLC not working.

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I have purchased the Snoop and weapon camouflage DLC on the Playstation Store and for some reason its not working. Also the multiplayer Clan invite is locked out.

Can anyone help me with these issues please.

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The clan invite being locked may be the clue here. Have you recently changed anything in your profile, created a new account (pre-order bonus for COD AW) and linked that info to your console? How long has this been happening?Post up ,let us know- good luck!

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A support case was created for you and you should be contacted shortly by a Customer Support Representative, if you haven't been already. You can view and update your case at the Activision Support website. After logging in, go to "My Support" then "My Cases".



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If you are using PS4, set your console to primary and then restore your license. Hope that helps you

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Hey, have you tried to activate the Snoop Dogg first? Multiplayer>Play Online>Create a Soldier>Choose a soldier>Customize Soldier by pressing X. Scroll down, the find the voice over pack. Activate it.

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