Federation Day bug! I need help!

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Federation Day bug! I need help!

Okay, so I have an xbox360, my younger brother has one and my dad has one. Ghosts is fine with mine and my younger brother's xbox. My dad's on the other hand glitched out a few months ago where it would always freeze after you find out that one of the Ghosts die in the one of the first missions. We fixed that recently, ended up just clearing all of the COD: Ghosts data on the system and started from scratch. Now, there's a new problem. Game works fine until the Federation Day mission. The beginning works fine. It's once we get to the building and have to descend down the side of the building. One of the guys tell you to kill the bad guy sitting at the desk. Here is where the problem is. We kill the guy at the table and the game sometimes makes the Ghost guy to your right say, "Shift right and lets take out the other two." Whether it tells us to or not we go to the right and this is where he is supposed to say, "On you, kid." but he never does and because that doesn't work, when you kill the two bad guys that are standing together, it won't make the Ghost say "Clear! Lets move down to the next level." So we are stuck at that part forever no matter how long we wait after killing the three guys on that one level in the building. We have no idea what to do here, it will not let my dad progress through the mission because it will not let him continue down the building. If anyone knows what to do, advice is very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Federation Day bug! I need help!

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Here are a couple folks that may be able to point you in the right direction. The mention will send a note to them and will see your post -Good luck to you-BkfstWidow  SavageHam

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