Getting matched with americans when I live in New Zealand

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Getting matched with americans when I live in New ...

For some reason I seem to be getting put into American lobbies instead of New Zealand or Australian ones.

This is really killing the game for me as I am experiencing massive lag.

Anybody else suffering the same problem?

Any help would be greatly appricated

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Re: Getting matched with americans when I live in ...

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Yeah mate, its cause for some stupid reason Infinity Ward set your max ping search reference to 800.

Go to your steam folder -> SteamApps -> common - > Call of Duty Ghosts -> players2 -> config_mp.cfg.

Open that in notepad and then search for "maxping" using Ctrl + F.

Next to this it'll say "800" change that to "whatever ping you want as max" e.g. "120"

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Re: Getting matched with americans when I live in ...

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Cheers for the quick reply man.

I wish it was that simple but I am playing on PS3

Still would be an extremly helpful answer for alot of people.


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Re: Getting matched with americans when I live in ...

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Hi Dragons_Downfall,

I understand that you are having issues connecting with players outside of your optimal connection. Do you know what your NAT settings are listed as in game? Here's a link that may assist you with connectivity issues:


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Re: Getting matched with americans when I live in ...

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Thanks for the reply SavageHam.

I did start off with a Moderate NAT type but did some port forwarding to get it to Open.

Still made no difference.

But recently the connection seems to be better.

Still cant win most one on one gun fights no matter how early I start shooting but I can actually go positive somtime.

It really just seems like Im getting matched up with people overseas instead of in my own country most times.

Most CODs I have played have had lag problems at launch and been sorted out pretty quickly but this is way worse than any of the other CODs and really killing any desire to play the game or even upgrade to the PS4 version when I get mine on launch.

Thanks for the help though man it is much appricated

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Re: Getting matched with americans when I live in ...

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It's not unusual to get matched with people overseas depending on the hour you play at.  I regularly find myself matched with players from the US, despite living in Ireland, because I tend to play mostly late at night and early into the morning when the local player base is much smaller so the game finds the best alternative that it can.  I'm sure it goes without saying that you should play on a wired connection. Connection issues are usually more prevalent in the first couple of months after launch. Things usually improve after the influx of the beloved Christmas noobs and title updates.  

I struggled the first couple of days to win 1v1 gunfights until I slowed my pace down and changed up my tactics a little.  I'd recommend a solid AR, with Stalker and Focus.  Move around the map in ADS and check your corners and windows.  Try bump up your sensitivity as much as you can too as this will allow you to check your surroundings more quickly as well as make it easier to adjust your aim while strafing.  Take your time and avoid sprinting around too much and I'm sure you'll do much better.

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Re: Getting matched with americans when I live in ...

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Hey Dragons_Downfall,

I'm glad to hear that you connection is better now. However, as far as playing with players from different regions, please read the following for more info:

Matchmaking is equally as important to the connection quality of your game as home networking. Matchmaking is impacted by all of the following:

**1. Region – If you live in a remote region, it will be more difficult to find hosted games that match your profile. The best option for those in extremely remote regions is to play during local peak hours in playlists with high player counts.

**2. Time of day – Since matchmaking works to find the game with the best connection quality, it will have a much easier time finding high quality connections when there are more players online in your area. As a general rule, peak usage occurs during the late afternoon and evening hours in each time zone.

**3. DLC ownership – DLC map packs divide matchmaking pools into groups of players who have DLC and players who don’t have DLC. The more map packs that are released, the more matchmaking pools there are. Nine months after the initial launch of the game, for example, the highest single population of players is that which owns all map packs.

For most players – i.e., those who live in regions with a high population of players and who play during peak local hours in popular playlists – matchmaking will find the best connection quality games available. For the smaller percentage of players who do not fall within this category, your network connection quality may benefit from adjusting some of your online gameplay patterns.

Additionally, the game provides the option to change your matchmaking search preferences to favor getting into better quality games (which may extend the time it takes to find a match) or getting into games faster (which may result in lower quality network connection with the host). In the “Find Match” playlist selection screen, press the button labeled “Search Preferences” and select your preference of either matchmaking speed or connection quality.

Thank you again for the feedback! We are always looking for ways to improve the online gaming experience for players.


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