I have 12 xbox 360s. 5 will not work offline (system link). They look for a patch I have installed

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I have configured and patched 12 xboxes to play ghosts. 5 different xboxes (not the same model) will not work offline (system link).  7 will go straight to multiplayer screen, 5 require me to download a patch (that I have installed already).  This ONLY happens offine.  If I'm connected to xbox live, everything is fine for all 12 systems.


"In order to play multiplayer, you need to download new required content..." etc, etc...


Reinstalling and repatching doesn't work.  Patching in manual order doesn't help.


Reloading the xbox dashboard doesn't help.


I am on version 3.1.146 of ghosts.


Oddly enough, if I load the errant xboxes to xbox live and get to the multiplayer screen, I can force them offline (plugging in a ethernet cable to the xbox) and then use system link.  Unfortunately, I can only do this with 4 xboxes since my router only has 4 ports.


Any ideas?





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