I just got ps4 and my code to upgrade from ps3 is expired is there a way to still upgrade my ghosts game

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Does anyone know how to upgrade to the ps4 version of ghosts my code says its expired please help

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If the code is expired then it simply doesn't exist. Unfortunately that's not going to help you but once it expires, I think it is a done deal. Sounds like you'll have to purchase the ps4 upgrade.

I know that's probably not what you want to hear but unless Activision issues an extension, the code is useless.

Take care and good luck


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I'm in the same boat as well, it'll be nice if there was a better option for us, just as a note i did also purchase Thief which had 60 min content added that promo was expired too but it accepted it in the ps store, was surprised it expired since i expectected it at time of purchase based on the cover.  I have the PS3 digital copy of Ghost and never got a promo code just adverts saying that i can download on ps4 for $10 when that time comes and now it's expired, did i miss that small print?  Also if i had a physical copy of the promo code i would have just entered it in, but wasn't necessary since the store had it for $10 at the time, but i had no ps4.

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