I'm no longer clan leader

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I'm no longer clan leader

So the Call of Duty app has made me no longer clan leader

I'm now set as "Lt Commander" and some other guy is Commander. I registered my clan during the Pre-Regestration period and all was working until i downloaded the app. The guy was already in my clan and there is no chance of him hacking me. The issue is when adjusting rolls, the app changed a completely different person, to a completely different rank. The guy doesn't speak english and it's hard for me to get him to give it back. 

The only option i see now is to make a new clan and message the other 58 people to Join the new one.

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Re: I'm no longer clan leader

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Are you sure the other guy has the app or can even get the app on his device?

I had this same issue but instead of me no being leader it made me the leader and I can't run the app on my phone until I get my upgrade in 2 months. None the less my friend is not very happy about this whole thing.

It's pretty dumb to make one major part of game be controlled from a completely different application.

So now we have a FPS which unless you have a good phone or tablet you are screwed out of clan management.

I'm a programmer and you know it was just plain wrong thinking on this move.

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Re: I'm no longer clan leader

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The only suggestion I can think of is to get the other guy to leave the clan via the console (Barracks -> Clan Details -> Roster -> Click on own name -> Leave Clan) which MIGHT, not even sure this will work, then transfer you to Commander at which point you should be able to invite them back into the clan. I haven't looked but there may even be an option for them to transfer Command role to someone else in the roster.

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