I was just hacked and am now level 60 when i should be 7. I think i know player that hacked me.

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I was recently hacked by a player in ghosts and am now level 60 when i should only be 7. I think i know who did it for he was hacking the games i was in. Thats why i left the room. He was instant killing evoryone when respawning. Can you help me? 

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I reccomend you contact activision support directly, as for immeadiate fixes? The only thing you can do is reset your rank.

Also I reccomend you report the hacker.


Hope this helps!

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I was also in a game with someone who was blatantly using aimbot. I didn’t leave though (should I have?). I’ve also think I’ve been hacked, I was level 60 on three characters and in the 50s on my fourth. Now I am on lvl1 with all of them except my current one in which I am level 4. 

I’ve lost almost all the gear I have and am not sure how to get it back.

This really sucks for me, do you know how to fix this, or to ‘reset my account’? How do you do that and what does it do?

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