My stats were reset?

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IIt's happened to a lot, and I saw where they said they will just restore to an old save.  but how do I get them to do this and how long is it going to take to get a response from someone???

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You need to contact support at either Activision or IW, Customer Service will reply to this eventually but I would phone Activision for a faster response.

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DxDAWG wrote:

I Played last Thursday just fine.  Went to log on last night after the app had crashed and my account had been completely reset, like I was starting the game for the first time.  Can you guys restore my account or fix whatever it is that reset me?  Gt: DxDAWGxKILL3R 

WOuld be be nice to not start diamond wars with a brand new account.

Is it only the app or does the game also reflect this?

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