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I've noticed in the last week that my PS3 suddenly totally freezes up and has to be hard reset when playing ghosts.. Particularly (and very annoyingly) on domination when in the last 20 points to for the win it was never there before last week not once and its been building in frequency to the point where it was three games in a row last night.I switched and tried TDM and fine didnt happen then back to Dom and boom frozen???? I just realized that it coincides with the patch anyone else having this issue?

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same thing is happening to me is it still going on with you

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I am have the same problem on mine an my girlfriends account I cant even play anymore

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I moved your thread to the Technical Support section for further assistance from our Activision Assist staff.

In the event that you are not contacted within a few hours, or would like to seek immediate assistance, then please consider the following options:

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