Ps3 cod black ops multiplayer does not save my progress.

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I started with restoring my ps3. Ive created a new account cause i lost my other. I hooked it up via ethernet cord. Account with through. So i started playing my cod black ops. The campaign was able to save. When i went to play multiplayer it didnt save my progress. What am i doing wrong. Ive tried everything.

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Im having the same issues. It's loading my campaign just fine, but nothing online will save. My multiplayer game keeps starting back at 1. Works on my other profile. But not my new one. Please help? I've already deleted game, game settings, and reformated my PS3. Nothing has worked.

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I just bought a PS3 and the multiplayer progress keeps being reset to 1, so how long is Treyarch going to take to fix this, as I have saved for years to purchase a new system and yet only disappointmrnts... Please fix this and allow us (after Dec 1") {load of junk} to keep our profiles as was; otherwise I believe I'll make the decision to no longer have  Sony in my House!!

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I am also having the exact same problems. Its been going on for a little while now. Has anyone figured anything out besides the possibility of needing ps+?

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I was in contact with Activision all day the other day and asked them about the problem and they said that since the game is apparently OLD they're not fixing the issues with Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2
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