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Everyone else on my friends list is having no problem, but for some reason I cannot connect to the Call of Duty Ghosts server. 

Anyone else having this problem?

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Have you reset all your equipment? Works almost every time for me.

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Check the server status for Ghosts. Using wired and having an open NAT type might help you too since this will provide stable connection. Rebooting your console is the first thing that you need to do though

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What console are you using? Have you tried setting the ports for Ghosts?

Try other accounts to see if other consoles will have the same issue. In this way we will know if the issue is with your connection or account.

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Just a simple suggestion, just log out and log in from your console and try to connect online.

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A support case was created for you and you should be contacted shortly by a Customer Support Representative, if you haven't been already. You can view and update your case at the Activision Support website. After logging in, go to "My Support" then "My Cases".



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You can also try power cycling your system.

1. Shut down all consoles and computers

2. Unplug the router's power cable

3. Unplug the broadband modem's power cable.

4. Wait 30 seconds.

5. Plug in the broadband modem's power cable and wait for its light to appear stable.

6. Plug in the router's power cable once the modem's lights appear stable.

7. Power on the console/computer and test connectivity again.

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