Squads: Time for good-faith gesture & restore difficulty options

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Dear Activision,

RE:   removal of “hardened” and “veteran” in Squads A.I. play

We (the COD community) have been informed that it was Infinity Ward that made the decision to severely downgrade the two top difficulties options from Squads war-game, and not Activision.  You, Activision, have an opportunity here to score big points with your customers, and demonstrate that you are indeed customer-centric.

Appreciating that your customer relations / game-development department was not directly responsible for the dismissive change, I must make one thing clear:

We don’t care…  Fix it anyway.

I’m sorry but pawning this off to Infinity Ward just does not fly.   It’s your franchise that will suffer.  I have basically stopped playing COD now because I feel so disappointed every time I turn it on.  A small thing perhaps, but honestly feel bad every time I turn it on now..  Seriously, I flip  on Squads in hopes that they (Activision and Infinity Ward) have “fixed it”, but there it is again: “Recruit” & “Regular”  (no Hardened or Veteran).  I guess I am a sucker.

So I went out and got Titan Fall.  Frankly, I prefer COD, but I don’t feel bad and resentful when I play the new game.  On the other hand, I would feel heard and delighted if everything was restored.   You have a real opportunity here,  like a Prodigal Son.  Prove that you care about your customers.

FYI:  did you see this?

Titanfall leads to 96% jump in Xbox One hardware sales [VideoGamer: March 17, 2014]

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