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As stated above, I can't download Free Fall on my Wii U. Whenever I access the Nintendo E-Shop through the in-game link I get told I cannot access the software. What should I do? I don't know anyone else who has this issue.

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I am having the same problem since last night. if you find out how to download it please let me know. I can't play online at all now.

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Hello 6608zz,

Thank you for posting!

The Free fall should be available now, so please restart your game completely in order to get it. Let us know the outcome!



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Hello there, I had the same issue last night but I figured out how to fix it, I think the problem comes from the eshop channel and not from Activision.

I am from south america, so in my console settings the country was Venezuela, when I created the user and the nintendo network ID it automatically puts the same country in your Wii-U settings for your nintendo ID. What I did was this:

1) Changed the country to USA on the Wii-U settings.

2) Create a new user.

3) Create a new nintendo network ID to that user. The system will automatically put USA as your country of residence on your newly created nintendo ID. Then validate your nintendo id with the link they send to your email address.

4) Start the game, and now you will be able to download the DLC (which is about 130 MB)

5) After downloading and installing the DLC (you need to go back to the Wii-U menu in order to the DLC be installed), go back to your old user (the one you normally play with) and voila, you will have the DLC installed.

Thats how it worked for me, I figured out the problem was the country.

Let me know if you have any doubt.

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