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Hello all.

I have two accounts for PS Plus, one US-Based and the other UK-Based. I bought COD Ghosts through the upgrade program from PS3 to PS4 on my American Plus account. But since I had a small balance left on my UK account, I decided to get the Wolf Skin.

Everything went smoothly purchase-wise, but on both accounts after the Skin downloads, it just shows Waiting to Install twice.

I appreciate any help in advance.

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Hey raikun,

Have you tried pushing the download from the Sony Network site here Digital Entertainment | Sony Entertainment Network? Also, have you tried relinking your game account to your Call of Duty account?
You can also try this suggestion given by a fellow community member, "

Start your cod game and go to multiplayer->play online-> create a soldier->on the squad member the has the asterix on it (the one that you are currently using) -> click customize

scroll all all the way down to the bottom of the list and select guard dog -> select wolf."


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