XBOX ONE Ghosts crashing

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XBOX ONE Ghosts crashing

Is anyone else having problems with their copy of Ghosts on XBOX ONE just randomly crashing in multiplayer going back to the home screen and needing to restart the game completely?

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Re: XBOX ONE Ghosts crashing

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Greetings SKITZ1995,

Thank you for posting your concerns. Are you on a wired or wireless connection? Have you tried rebooting your router and console? Also, please provide me with your NAT type. Lastly, make sure that you have the correct ports opened:



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Re: XBOX ONE Ghosts crashing

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Are you guys actual trained to support the actual game or just script jockeys?  This has NOTHING to do with the network connection.  The game just decides to close (crash without any error what-so-ever), usually while a map is loading when playing MP.  This happens entirely WAY TOO MANY TIMES for a next gen system.

You guys need to add some sort of logging so we can get to the bottom of this because it is getting really irritating.

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Re: XBOX ONE Ghosts crashing

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MC- I have been experiencing this since my XboxOne update  earlier today. It only happens to me  when I try to load up the Onslaught maps. I will get a lobby, hear the countdown (I thought that was going bye-bye) , the triangle starts to fill up as the lobby finishes loading, then, back to load screen, then nothing- goes back to the xbox live  sign in screen. I may get to play 1 game at most on the new map pack, but, that is it. Prior to todays  update, I had no issue with being able to play the Onslaught map pack.I am running a wired xbox1  direct to router, have a moderate nat rating since onslaught came out a month ago ( my PS4 is an open nat)., so , I know exactly what you are going through. I just live with it for the time being. In the event I get too frustrated with it, I play on the PS4. I do hope they get a fix for this stuff as it is hard to stay  loyal to the Xbox platform having to undelete, re-install over and over again. I will stay tuned and good luck to all of us on Xbox platform.......

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Re: XBOX ONE Ghosts crashing

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I recently purchased the hardened edition (disc, not download) for the XB1, and I'm having the same crashing issue every time I play longer than an hour.  The issue is wildly inconsistent -- sometimes (thankfully) it crashing while I'm in intermission waiting for matches, and, mostly, it crashed during Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, and Dominion matches.  This is my first CoD game, and, honestly, I really regret my purchase.  There's nothing more frustrating than being engaged in a close battle and having my game crash.

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