anyone else losing stats?

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I have noticed the last couple of games I have played.  I am losing stats from operations after turning off game.  For example:  last night I completed the Variable Zoom Sight operation with 500 kills.  Prestiged for the 5th time.  Switched squad member and created new loadouts because I hate using snipers.  Anyway, I just signed on to network to play Ghosts again today and my VZS operation is back at only 424 kills.  I lost the patch also, but did retain the prestige.  This has happened the past couple of days that I have actually noticed.  What is going on here?  Anyone else having this problem?

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Hey lit_lover,

Thanks for letting us know what the issue is, are you experiencing any other stat changes as well? Are you playing on a wired or wireless connection? Are you sharing a connection with another console?



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