free fall map spawn exploits

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In the blitz game mode, it seems there are multiple exploit locations on freefall that will cause you to spawn directly in an opponent's line of fire.  I just played a game where i died the instant I spawned at every point on the map.  I started watching the kill cams and would see not just myself, but several team mates spawn into existence directly under the opponent's reticle, sometimes several times in a row without the enemy moving or altering his aim at all.

This is possible at several points on the map, because I then got bounced between spawns, each time directly under an enemy reticle until I was forced to just abandon the game. (it was blitz, and their team intentionally stopped scoring the objective to grief us)

I want to be clear, this was not a case of spawning under cover and then taking a step or two to my death. This was not the enemy quickly turning away from and then back to a spawn point to try to trick the game to trigger a spawn.  This was spawning directly under a static enemy reticle multiple times at several points on the map.

I don't know if this is unique to blitz or if it happens in other game modes, but it needs to fixed immediately or the map needs to be pulled from the rotation.

I found 2 youtube videos (one's in english, one in german maybe?) that show the issue, but i believe this happens at several other points on the map:

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TThis happened to me also, highly annoying

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