i need to update email address to one from old my old closed account

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hello i am just getting back into games again, had a bit of a break. i had 2 activision accounts but now i need to switch email address as the one i was using was a work email and wont have acces to it any more soon. so i have my main account with the email address thats the work one and the one i used as a guest when my grandson was around. i have closed the small account and tried to put that email in as a change on the main account but it wont let me it says that the email is in use. although the small account is closed i can still log into that account but i cant do anything with it because when i open it up it shows me the first page and when i go into profile it tells me that the account is not avaliable. 

i would be so grateful if some one could tell me a way to fix this as i am not very computer literate a i feel like i am banging my head against a wall and it hurts

thanks in advance



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