why does ghost lag so much

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im frustrated i was trying to play, but i couldnt because there was lag so i tried to play another games they worked perfectly fine and i played ghost yesterday and it worked well. so what the fuck is the problem?

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Greetings jokujanna,

Thank you for posting your concerns! Are you on a wired or a wireless connection? Can you please post you dxdiag so I can know what your set up is? Also, try to verify your cache files: Verify Game Cache Files (GCF) - How To's - Knowledge Base - Steam Support.



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It's called the game fucking sucks and rewards laggy ppl. Every update makes it worse...hardcore is the worst. This is the last cod game I'll buy and I know plenty of ppl that are just done with the franchise after this one. Serves them right. Terrible programmers anyways.

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There doesn't seem to be an issue with the servers for Ghosts as I was checking the servers and they are saying to be under Defcon 5 for all consoles in the COD Ghosts site. You could try the suggested link by shallowboat below for some troubleshooting.

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Hey, have you checked if your IP is on static state? If not, you might want to do that. I also did some of the steps on this article on Activision Support. And there goes my lags, sailing off to the ocean.

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I don't know but, is there a permanent fix for lag? there are steps you can take to minimize it, but fix it entirely, I don't think so and well I believe lag is not caused by the game, it's more of a connection problem, (e.g. ports, NAT, static IP etc) might as well check and perform the steps on the link shallowboat provided. Peace out.

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When I go through TDM I do always face lag problem + other players can see me faster while I do have very good enternet 

connection ( 2.5 Mb download - 0.35 Mb upload - 3 m/s ping). Any recommendations !


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