A Look into Wiimote Sniping

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A Look into Wiimote Sniping

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to start off by saying ive been a wiimote sniper since MWR. Ive seen it change over the years and i like the way its going but it could still be improved to put it on an equal playing field with DA (Dual Analog) users. The wiimote sniping in this game is a drastic improvement over the one in black ops 2.

Where it could be fixed:

Sensitivity: In my opinion the best scope aim for the wiimote is the pointer. Please correct me if im wrong, but i feel like the sensitivity options given are best for the precision sniping mode. When using the pointer, The scope does not move quick enough. I have it on full force and i'm not a person into having crazy fast sensitivities. I guess this shows that it is just way to slow for the pointer scope aiming mode. If we could do what we did for camera speed, and double this also that would be great!

Moving the scope before fully scoped in:

Currently while sniping on the pointer scope aiming mode there is no way to move the scope before fully scoping in. This is where DA players have a huge advantage. If they can make small adjustments after scoping in to do an effective quick scope we should be able to also. If you try to adjust the wiimote before it is full scoped in then the scope will freeze for a second before moving at all. This is extremely annoying.

Lastly i just wanted to thank @a_trey_u for all the effort he has put into making the wiimote as competetive as possible. I think we are truly getting their if we get rid of acog aimbot but still haev the same AA for reg guns.


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