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sad and true.

but is there a tactical advantage for having them there? no

what are they selling in the game within the map? nothing.

do they need to be there? no

could something else been put there instead? yes

will stuff like this continue in the next game? time will tell

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So why have you gone full SJW retard on us then?

You have so many other things to complain about that Treyarch does control. (Minimal Support, the Wiimote being thrown under the bus, etc) Instead you choose to whine about something that Treyarch has NO control over the content. There will be female modeling clothing, there will be live nude signs at a STRIP CLUB, these are things that actually occur in real life and you got a few screw loose if you think a rational person would want these sanitized or even care.

You make some other decent points but this worthless banality about women completely undermines it.

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i cant be the only one who remembers playing god of war titles...

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I will say that I do like your point about doing something else with the maps besides having half-naked women or whatever.  That doesn't bother me at all.  Not even a tiny bit,  I won't say I like it either.  I just don't care.  However, I thought about it and it would be cool if they did something more creative instead.  It made me think of that horror movie map from the DLC.  The one with Michael Myers.  I haven't played it.  Probably never will.  I'm not buying another copy of the game even though I have a 360 now. BUT I love that map.  I love all the easter eggs as they say.  All the horror movie references.  Very creative stuff there.  There are other things they could do, like that example, that are more creative and I would be all for that. 

Don't be hatin' on my maps though.  You would LOVE them.  We rush.  These  maps are perfect for that if you do it right.  Also, even when you're lagging, you can still do well!  There are so many flank routes that it's not hard to avoid head-to-head gunfights when the other players are a half second ahead of you.  Now there are some (very few thankfully) occasions where the game is unplayable, but MOST of those result in a host migration that makes things better.  If they don't, I will leave those games.  Trust me when I say it's very rare though.  At least for me.  Just took me a while to get to that point with all the router tweaking/testing.

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Returning to a simpler time would be nice, but i just can't see it happening again. Once you experience something, when it continues on constantly, at some point that special feeling it gives you when you play it nolonger feels special. For this reason I don't play Pikmin all the time despite the fact that it is my favorite game (although this month i beat it at least 3 times because i felt like playing it again ). If I were to play Pikmin all the time, it would nolonger feel like that special of a game to me Maybe in a few more years it would seem like a good investment (nostalgia), but right now i doubt it. Take away anything from a game and people may view it as being a *downgrade* than an *upgrade*

The futuristic themes are sort of based around what will be happening in the next few years to decades, mostly what is happening in the military. Treyarch had scavenged for locations and interviewing military personal and experts to gather intel on what is to become of warfare in the future. I'm not sure what Infinity Ward did, but i'm sure they did something similar. In other industries there are also 'futuristic' changes, but adoption and development is freakishly slow in comparison to military development and adoption. Understandably, I have no part in other industries, but the more I learn the more annoyed I get XD It just feels like the world is completely business oriented, and money really is the one thing that makes the world go round.

I can see what you mean about objectifying women, although i really know next to nothing about what's in Ghosts, so for once i really actually can't say or write anything to give a different perspective XD If there are holes in walls, but billboards, pictures or whatever of women are left untouched, then they should really try to match the surroundings. Look at the riots in the Ukraine. There was so much mayhem it was ridiculous (my thoughts on it are a different matter). Someone pieced together before and after shots of areas, and it really shows what kind of crap happened to some cities/monument areas (These incredible before and after shots of Ukraine are terrifying). It doesn't exactly match, but those monuments really do help to recall the once familiar scenery.

I'm not going to comment on map design since I have no proper say in the matter Spawns are important though, but they have been iffy at some point in all games though.

Is there really no ground war on Ghosts? O_o I would side to agree, but then again there are people who really don't care to play other game modes. I just mainly stuck around in TDM on Black Ops 2 because all the montage snipers were in domination; then in every other game mode it felt like there was no push or shove and in some maps the camping just made it slow, or the lag was bad. Pretty much, just something. That something I would call for being due to a lack of players.

While this would be ideal, I honestly believe that the majority of gamers today are savages and we complain too much. On the other hand, some of the complaining is warranted, but sometimes it just isn't worth it. If there was such a system, then it can't be two-sided. It has to be a one-sided thing where people choose what they want improved on from a set list of user complaints and issues. Look how it turned out for sniping on the other platforms, in BO2. People threw death threats at a change that was meant to balance the game. And really, whenever i remember that, there are times where i feel ashamed of myself for having complained so much too X_X

Edit: So apparently I was reported and now my posts are being moderated?

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I could be wrong, but I think if you post any external link it has to be approved before it posts...

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  • open dialogue with community

  • Whoah whoah whoah, you want him to do his job?? Crazy fool. Ain't no-one got time for that.
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