A message to the wiimote vets

Ghosts Wii U

If adapt is to change, then I certainly have not adapted. Instead, I can use many different controllers now while also still being able to use the Wii Remote. Writing of which, I just bought a new Wii Remote a few weeks ago.

Gameplay-wise, I applaud that 8vs8 multiplayer and that pretty good level of customization of characters and assets, but those visuals looks downright bad.... If it runs smooth (literally no frame rate drops) as the final product, then I guess there is nothing to complain about, but I would like to hope they have the visuals looking better by this year's E3 at least.

I officially recognize PC as my main platform now though. I won't buy Wii U games unless they drop down in price appropriately. I'll wait for Devil's Third, and many other games, to drop in price too

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It's weird, I can play any other game with DA but with CoD I HAVE TO PLAY it with wiimote

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I really miss the wiimote.

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