Camera Sens. ADS has reduced wrist pain substantially

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Camera Sens. ADS has reduced wrist pain substantia...

So today I finally had a few hours to sit down with the game since the last patch dropped. I spent somewhere close to 2 hours just playing around with the new Camera Sensitivity ADS (CS ADS) setting. It's amazing how many more aiming config possibilities are available as a result of that one option.

But what really took me by surprise was how useful doubled turn speed is. Before the patch, and well before the game even came out, I saw a lot of people requesting higher max turn speed. At the time I shrugged it off as pointless. And maybe I was right. Maybe it was pointless on its own. But combined with CS ADS, I've created a control scheme that works so much better for me now.

Before the patch I would start experiencing discomfort in my wrist after a few hours of play. If I played long enough, that discomfort would eventually lead to pain. My previous Wiimote settings were the result of several hours trying to find a tradeoff between 'ability to aim' and wrist comfort. After my testing today, that's no longer a tradeoff I have to make. I can have my cake and eat it too!

So thanks again A_TREY_U and the rest of the Wii U dev team.

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Re: Camera Sens. ADS has reduced wrist pain substa...

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I increased turn speed and loved it.

Then I turned it back down again...because I love to jump back into BLOPS2 and if I don't keep them consistent, I will never be able to enjoy it again.

Maybe a crappy reason I don't know...seems like I'm depriving myself for it but I'm thinking it'll be worth it since BLOPS2 is such a different game, I want to still be able to play it from time to time. But it's so good to have the option, I'm hoping Treyarch have at least one more shot on Wii U before the console dies. It seems so premature for both Wii U and FPS pointer controls to be dying like this JUST AS THEY'VE PERFECTED THEM. I'd love to see BLOPS3 next year. Fingers crossed.

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Re: Camera Sens. ADS has reduced wrist pain substa...

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What are your settings now? I get the same problem..

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