Can someone explain how Prestige works this time around?

Ghosts Wii U

Can someone explain how Prestige works this time a...

I finally hit 60 with my first Soldier, and it says he's in Prestige mode.

I got the background and the icon, but....

The soldier's level didn't go back down to 1 so that I could continue leveling.

Aren't I supposed to be able to get to level 60 at least one more time, once I'm in prestige mode for any of my 10 soldiers?

Or do they just hit 60 and stay there with a full exp bar and nothing left to do on them but unlock customization options?

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Re: Can someone explain how Prestige works this ti...

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Hi, the rank of your soldiers isn't supposed to reset to 1 in this game. Instead you have to level up another character. Once the second soldier reaches prestige, the other one will also be prestige 2.

In theory you can level 10 soldiers to level 60 right before prestiging and then gain the few remaining XP of everyone in a few hours, which results in getting from prestige 0 to prestige 10 in a very short period of time (of course this requires that you stay at prestige 0 for the whole time before catching up on prestiging at the very end.)

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