Did the AA exploit get fixed?

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Did the AA exploit get fixed?

I'm assuming that they did since AA is back, but I hate assuming and I haven't seen anyone talking about it.  So did they correct the issue? 

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Re: Did the AA exploit get fixed?

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Im curious about this as well.  Honestly I actually think the assualt rifles ADS snap is a little bit to strong right now.  It doesnt seem to snap on nearly as much with LMG's and SMG's, but AR's seem to lock on to enemies in a way I havent seen since playing Goldeneye on Wii.  If you get shot, it knocks you olff, but otherwise its pretty easy to make kills if you do get it to snap on.  You still have to have your cursor pretty close when you go ADS, but I really think it should only snap on if your cursor is actually on your enemy.  Honestly I dont know why they use different forms of AA for Wii Remote vs DA, just give Wii Remote players the same stickiness once your cursor is on the enemy and call it a day.  ADS is easy to take advantage of, especially with AR's.  Im a Wii Remote player and either ADS snap is not strong enough on LMG's and SMG's, or AR's need a slight nerf.  Anyone who has played Goldeneye on Wii will know what I am talking about, if your cursor is fairly close to the enemy and you go ADS, its dead centered on the enemies chest.  Im only a 1.25 KDR player, but I cant lie, the ADS snap with AR's is a lot stronger than I remember it being in and COD to date.   

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