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free fall is to small i think strikezone is a better small sized map for fast paced action

if you can get to the right spots  on free fall you can control the map though and it becomes more manageable but overall its to small

if they added some more length to it or wider it might have been better

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worst map ever made, period

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my weapon of choice for that map is mtar, ive noticed it either doesnt fire properly or there is an audio-glitch on that map, it does it with the ak also. frame rate must be ridiculously low on that map...

this is what ive meant when i wanted better patches and people cried dlc, id prefer freight or shield/c4 fixed over getting that map any day. you guys wanted it so be happy with it

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This ^ ^ ^ ^

Decent patches over DLC any day..

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FREEFALL is very good map for me.


- it's free

- no sniper campers,

- fast action,

- the first time you see closer your opponents ;-)

- design


- spawns

II think that many wii u owners is now ready for buy additionals DLC for this good game.

In this way CoD Ghosts can be the main and solid fps for Wii U platform.

I am ready for more - payable too - DLCs

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