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I would like to have a match with Australians, just to see who has the better of what..

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I dont play anymore, havent put the disc in for a week or so. The games whack for me. Connection is simply horrendous, insta deaths ALL the time, dont even see who`s killed me, longest killstreak is like a 6. I was that bad I ended up trying knife only, and did better than with ANY gun. My kdr dropped from 1.40ish (lowest ever in any cod) to around 0.90 after 4-5 days of constantly going 3-30. I tried different times of day, and it was the same over and over and over.

On another note, I dont like the maps, too dull, dont like the streaks, not keen on the guns, etc etc I just dont enjoy the game. Ive been playing sonic, mario and rayman with my little girl, and watching tv at night.

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