How does the game decide which team you are on?

Ghosts Wii U

As far as Ghosts or the Federation.  I've noticed for a while now that it seems like I'm almost always on the Federation.  So much so that I'm actually thrown off when I'm on the Ghost team because I'm not used to starting on that side of the map. Just an observation, but it happened enough that I thought I would ask about it and also do a little test.

I took a sample of games.  For 30 matches I kept up with which team I was on.  Ghost or Federation.  Of those 30 matches I was only on the Ghost team twice.  And even that seemed like a lot because normally I would go for a very long time without that happening.  As in that was more often than normal, or at least it felt that way, and I bet the difference would be greater with a larger sample size.  Anyway.  I always thought that stuff was random, but surely it can't be can it?  Not with a difference that large.  Something has to be putting me on the Federation doesn't it?  And again, this is just an observation.  Not a complaint.  I'm just curious as to how it decides which one to put you on before the match starts.  There has to be something determining this doesn't it?  I mean with such a difference that surely can't be random.  That's like flipping a coin 30 times and only getting Heads twice or even less if past experience is something to go by.

So, does anyone know what that determining factor is? Or is it just by chance (which I currently doubt) that I'm almost always on the Federation? 

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I have to say its fairly random for me. On most maps I can spawn at either end, to the extent that I actually hope I start on a certain side of the map, as like most people, I do have a favourite side to spawn on..

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For me when playing solo.....Which ever side has the worst players.

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Oh I thought I was the only one having that feeling... but yeah, it happens to me too.. A LOT...

P.S: Pauly you playing this game? havent tried HC yet, not too many players there

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Hey how ya doing bro, always good to see ya. I've been playing a little this weekend and today but quit as soon as the servers kick me off. I'll be buying a lan adapter this week and trying a wired connection to see if it improves. Hardcore is good, though people here will say its got more campers than other modes which simply isn't true in my experience, so as soon as you can add me and I'll team up with you anyday, you can knife me in the head as there isn't tomahawks

NNID = Paulywarp.

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