Is the Wii U doomed?

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Is the Wii U doomed?

What do you think?

Since this is the Wii U forum.

I say, yes and no.

Yes, if it goes like it's going now, it doomed. + PS4 has same way to play as Wii U.

No, there is still hope.

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Re: Is the Wii U doomed?

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Never rule out Nintendo.

The industry needs them, Sony and MS need them. Otherwise the console landscape will soon turn vanilla.

They aren't afraid to innovate, and there is no touching them in terms of original family based software.

Don't get me wrong, I was gobsmacked at the appalling marketing campaign during their launch window.

The average consumer on the street had no idea what the Wii U was (and many still don't) on both sides of the pond.

Even now, the Wii U is so badly represented on the High street next to the other console cartel.

They rushed a system out to get in a year ahead of PS4/Xbox1, with a very mediocre lineup of launch titles.

Nintendo dropped the ball and it cost them dearly.

But as I said, you can't rule them out.

They are building a steady library of titles on their handhelds, which are now compatible in more ways on the Wii U.

It would have taken something pretty incredible to win the core gamers over with the next gen so near.

I just think Nintendo will be more then happy with the 'family' sized slice of the cake.

Yes, Sony are tweaking their handheld to run with the PS4, and no doubt it will be great.

MS will have handheld gaming via smartglass etc, which too will amaze the masses.

But Nintendo is what Nintendo is, an institution, a nostalgic memory, a cornerstone if you will.

I personally like the Wii U, it's simple in design, does what it says on the tin, and more importantly, the kids love it.

The build quality is average, but what isn't these days?

A year in, and I'm certainly not trading it in for the PS4/Xbone! I'll just trade in one of my kidneys!

The motion control is the unique selling point from my perspective, and to phase that out would be suicide for the Wii U.

It is the ONLY reason I play fps on this console, and it is a feature Nintendo should be proud of.

I wish the Wii U all the luck in the world (because they will need it with the two big dogs hitting the street soon)

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Re: Is the Wii U doomed?

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they will bounce back defo not doomed my friend

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Re: Is the Wii U doomed?

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this will probly be a shitty gen comparitivly for nintendo, but i dont think they are doomed.  wiiU will probly do okay, atleast enough for nintendo to profit. even if wiiU goes the way of dreamcast, i wouldnt count nintendo out unless it happens 3 times in a row, which is very unlikly(and by that time there is a good change sony has gone bankroupt in which case eather playstation would be gone or sold to another company, xbox might be around but new managment has supported droping it) so my bets nintendo is definitly around to stay. in wiiU does shitty enough nintendo may start gen 9 early again which will probly force a 9th gen much earlier than sony or microsoft would want.

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Re: Is the Wii U doomed?

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Wii U's money is not with COD right now but Nintendo exclusive games. like Mario and Zelda. I have read reports for the Wii U to be credible for hard-core gamer Nintendo needs to produce COD games for the Wii U.  Also, Wii U desperately needs GTA.

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