`LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

Ghosts Wii U

love the game so far.

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Question for you A_Trey_U, I havent gotten to play it for myself yet, but I am hearing that the framerate is not a steady 60fps.  My question is this, if your not really able to improve this, is there any chance you guys could put a lower framerate cap on this game for Wii U?  For example, if the game jumps a lot between 60 and down in the 30's or 40's, could you put an option in to allow the player to choose to cap the framerate at 30 or 40fps?  A rock solid 30 or 40fps is better than one that jumps all over. 

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A trey u commented in another thread the frmerate issues would be looked into/improved...

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@ A-Trey-U: headset not working if...

I'm sorry, but this is a legit question and it needs to be answered no matter what and soon. I don't care what the rules say. This applies to Ghosts as well.

Will there be ANY dlc coming to the Wii U version of ghosts? And what about Black Ops 2 dlc? You still haven't given us Wii U owners dlc while the other versions got it.

And please DO NOT ignore, delete, or give us the same copy and paste answer you've been giving us for the past 12 months. That just tells us you don't care about the fans.

Allow me to explain my concerns: I wanted to get into the call of duty franchise a little bit and I thought of getting BO2 for the Wii U just for a simple fps game. However, I've held off getting it because for some reason you haven't even confirmed if the Wii U version is getting dlc. Not even a simple yes or no. And I'm becoming increasingly worried that you're never bringing dlc to the Wii U.

Another thing I want to bring up: The back of the box for Wii U BO2 says add-on content, meaning dlc content. Found a picture online to show as proof:img20121108180317.jpg

That would mean the Wii U version is getting dlc, right? Well so it seems. Now if you're not giving us dlc like Nuketown and Uprising, that is indeed FALSE ADVERTISING. You sold us a product promising us dlc like the other versions. Since you keep refusing to release dlc for a certain version, people may file a complaint against you and Activision to the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

The point is, you need to come out and just tell us if we're getting dlc or not RIGHT NOW. We've had enough of your continued silence. At this point, I personally think you're scared to tell us the truth. You're scared that if you say "no", Wii U owners won't buy your product.

Also, I am considering getting Ghosts and if you don't give that version dlc, I'm going to file a complaint to the BBB regarding false advertising. Bottom line.

So for the last time, is the Wii U versions of Ghosts and BO 2 getting dlc?

Thank you and have a nice day.

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I think that he has signed a paper which points out that he'll be in huge trouble if he says something about the DLC. I doubt that Trey_U wants to lose his job or get into some legal troubles for leaking any info.

He can make an alt. profile and tell the truth, but who would take it seriously as he'd be forced to deny everything in his Trey U profile.

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Besides, isn't patches considered as add on content as well?

Oh and little feedback about this forum... IT'S SLOW, IT'S UGLY and I'm pissed off because of it.

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You can rant all you want, you'll get no answer. We'll just have to see the number of people online. Why give 3,000 people DLC?  The WiiU community has only gotten smaller, sadly. I hope it grows and maybe, just maybe, we'll get a answer.

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It is taking an awefully long time for some people to get it into their heads that we will never get an answer, and it also risks useful threads getting locked, but it has nothing to do with the number of players, but the current number of players won't make it useful to get maps..

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where any of the maps removed from the FFA rotation?

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im going to go do a aimassist test, not going to have a video, dont have a capture card, but i will tell you how it turns out.  i wont have any issue turning my aimassist off if DA ends up with aimassist that was nurfed enough(i heard it was weaker just dont know how much) and if wiiremote snap on ended up being to strong this time around.

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