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Ghosts Wii U

Patiently watching and waiting. In the shadows.

P.S. I still very much enjoy Ghosts.

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Ill be back on in  2 or 3 weeks.  Got a vacation coming up that will include lots of gaming. 

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Hello everyone and is there mods back?

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Really Hoping they support the Wii U users. CoD BLOPS II is still being played by thousands every day!

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Possibility of being announced has been lowered, but due to the consistency of announcements on Nintendo platforms always being late, the chance isn't 0 yet... Until August at least.

On another note, that reveal trailer made me think the game is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare + Watch Dogs + Punch-Out.... Not sure if I'm missing anything, but one thing that bugged me was seeing basically zero animation in the switch at one point in the trailer.

The comment section is pretty bad. Would recommend not reading it >_>

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Well, didn't take them long to rule out the Wii U.  I know some people will still hold on to hope, but hearing that Treyarch isn't working on it is confirmation enough for me. 

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"Actual platform availability and launch date(s) to be determined."


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Same story as last year.  No hope.  Nap has no hope. 

Oh and I can play games again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Going on vacation starting Sunday.   Gotta divide my time between COD and my PS4 games.  Gonna try out Destiny this week.  Really looking forward to Shadow of Mordor and Batman Arkham Knight....but my brother bought Destiny for me so I'm kinda obligated to try it.

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Boy do I miss stomping the Battlefield with my trusty zapper!

My transition back to a DS controller on the PS4 has been ugly, I've had therapy to get over my plummeting kdr.

Such is life.

Hope everyone is well, and fingers crossed it would be good to see the old faces on Wii U BlOps3.

But in the meantime, it would be great to get some game nights going on the old titles.

If I knew Saturday night was Ghost night, then I'd definitely turn on the Wii U to join up.

Or BlOps 2, or the earlier titles. Seems so quiet when I turn it on, and end up going over to the 'darkside'.

See you on the Battlefield.

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Interesting. How many will get it if it comes out for the Wii U?. Thats the real question.

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