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hopefully we dont get screwed on support and dlc this time around

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If they make a PS3/360 port, then forget about DLC coming for Nintendo.  If not, then there's a high chance for Nintendo owners getting the Season Pass or at least 1 or 2 DLC packs, IF, it comes to the Wii.U...

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Is that why my posts have to be approved in the BO2 forums? I thought that was really wierd.

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It's happening here too now. "Currently being moderated." Weird.

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CoD forums were flooded with chinese spam posts several times in the last few days so I guess this is how they stop these robots for now.

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It was when some Korean Spammer spammed the forums. I tweeted to foxhound and he said that they are moderating the forums now: Link

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I wouldn't really get my hopes up. It just seems like the account linking has to do with the forum requiring you to link your forum account to your console account now, probably to stop spammers. It wouldn't let me sign in until I did it.

BTW King, we need to talk some business matters on Skype some time.

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idk man, why now of all times? 

what kinda biznass we talkin?  my skype dont work anymore but you can send Queen a message about....whatever youre talkin about.

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Na, not the spam bots. There was one of the members posts that got removed.

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