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So I've basically confirmed that there's no dedicated server in Australia. I suppose it was to be expected, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm really disappointed.

USA and Europe gets them, but not Australia, the one place that really badly needed it. I feel...cheated. yeah that's the best word to describe it. Cheated. If the matchmaking worked like MW3 where it searched for games closest to you and expanded outwards, it wouldn't be so bad. But it doesn't, and I'm forever stuck in Japanese and Brazilian lobbies shooting blanks into the faces of my enemy.

What's worse is that I can't find FFA lobbies anymore. In fact, I can't find anything except TDM and maybe Domination anymore. And when I search for a game in TDM or Dom there's only '5 good games' now...if I'm lucky. Prepatch I could at least find other game modes (even if it was a horrid connection). Now? Nope. All gone.

This post isn't supposed to be funny by the way. I'm seriously pissed off right now. So while I'm in this self destructive pattern, I'll also take this opportunity to reveal that Patch #3 (the one that supposedly improved performance in November) actually lowered the game's resolution. That's right, it's no longer 880x720, it's closer to 860x600. This was the 'fix' they did to try and improve the framerate. Don't believe me? Delete your patch data and play the game and see how much sharper everything looks for yourself. I suppose it's just too bad that lowering the resolution didn't actually do anything to improve the framerate. Oh well.

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There's no dedicated servers on the Wii U not in America neither in Europe because if there were actually dedis this game it wouldn't lag like it does. I live in Central America and get put in German Lobbies there's something going on with the match making so don't make it sound like Australia is the only place with problems

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@pwnsweet, i believe i hosted a number of games just this morning. i dont think dedi's are on. it would be really helpful if trey would just confirm my theory on who is hosting. i have more in-game/host/connection related questions you may find interesting also. for example, occasionally in the feed to top right upon countdown it will tell me half my team is connected. i bring up the scoreboard and sure enough, the half that are connected to me are shown with a light background, the others is dark. what does this mean? when it tells me one person in my team is connected, does that mean hes connected to me while im connected to host? if so, is this punishing my connection? when i am hosting, why is it that after each movement i still get this strange jitter? its 50/50 when host since the update, maybe less. but it NEVER happened before. its not half as bad as night one of the update when i would jitter/vibrate and move an extra foot in whichever direction i last pressed after a weird delay, but its still there and noticeable.

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I don't think a dedicated server could take the heat of the desert and kangaroo abuse.

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Pwnsweet wrote:

This post isn't supposed to be funny by the way. I'm seriously pissed off right now. So while I'm in this self destructive pattern,

Lol this game does that don't it Where did you get confirmation btw? And does it say we are definitely getting them? Because I highly doubt it, I think that's why there was a server update in an attempt to make things better.

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I feel your pain dude... wait, can you delete the patch data without deleting the in game saved data? i never noticed that, oh god... maybe if i delete it and download the patch again, my problem would be fixed...

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I'm pretty much done with CoD on the Wii. The latencies are just too much to bare and the player base may be so low that there's nothing that can be done. Shame.

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If I buy another CoD it will be on PC. My hopes for a flawless wiimote-centric competitive FPS are dashed for now and into the foreseeable future. As the wiimote is no longer the primary controller for the Wii U we're no longer a priority.

I spite you CoD gods!!! You've taken everything from me!!!

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It's been known for a while that A) only North America gets dedicated servers, and B) dedicated servers haven't been confirmed to be up yet.

My question is if NA only gets dedi's...what happens when someone outside the dedi server, like from France, are a part of the lobby. What will the gameplay be like for them and for us?

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I'm pretty sure it was said that N, America gets the dedi's first, then everyone else gets them later..

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