(Official) Glitch/Bug Thread (Updated May 17th) (Support Is Probably Over)

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(Official) Glitch/Bug Thread (Updated May 17th) (S...

At this time... This thread will no longer get updates as support for Call of Duty: Ghost for the Nintendo Wii U may (a good 97% chance) had been cut somewhere in late April possibly (I don't know but I speculate it because of Advance Warfare being announced)... I'm sorry for this inconvenience and hope to continue this glitch thread into #AdvanceWarfare If it is released to the Wii U. However... I do plan to do something special for the community in the wake of this thread not being updated due to support being cut short. Details on what this will be shall be revealed to you all on May 25th... I hope to reveal this info to you soon... See you soon (Hopefully...)


A Note For People Submitting Glitch's: Please do not post videos of glitches that show exploits to this thread (This is to try and minimize awareness on how people can do these glitches. If you have a video of a glitch exploit, please send it to A_Trey_U via private message.

Bugs/glitch submissions are NOT limited to Wiimote specific issues. A bug/glitch is something in the game that does not work as intended. You are welcome to post requests/features that you would like to see in the game, but please be aware that these will not be added to the OP. Anything with a strikethrough requires confirmation that the issue is still occurring since the last patch. Grey items are confirmed fixed. Standard black text means the issue is confirmed to still be occurring since the last patch. Anything with a symbol and has words/sentences underlined will indicate what has changed when the thread is updated. Anything that gets typed in blue requires confirmation by others in order for it to be a confirmed glitch (Normally, I will not always put a new glitch in blue for confirmation, this is only if necessary or because it may not be anything that needs an immediate fix). When a line is under a previous section, it means the start of a new list of glitch/bugs that need to be fixed. This is to help with future patchs taking to long to be released. Anything in red is a major issue/game breaking bug that becomes wide spread and/or is constantly being reported by players in the community and may need to be fixed/hot fixed ASAP

1. Low framerate is still a problem, particularly with splitscreen and 2P GamePad

2. No Camera Sensitivity (ADS) - (Fixed in Nov. 14th Update)

3. Mantle/Climb is the same button as run resulting in about 20-30 unintentional 'climbs' per match. - (Fixed in Nov. 14th Update)

4. Trinity rocket on-screen buttons do not reflect the actual buttons that you need to push to perform their actions - (Fixed in Nov. 14th Update)

5. Cannot assign a gesture to 'jump' - (Fixed in Nov. 14th Update)

6. Wiimote issue - Helo Pilot still has hit detection issues. Tested offline in Local Play, private match against bots and online in TDM - more info here: Wiimote Helo Pilot Broken Hit Detection (with video)

7. Situation: you're in a match while also being in a party. You decide to leave the match and bring your party with you. When you get back to the menu the party is no longer active - OFC-Georgio - (Fixed in Nov. 14th Update)

8. Returning to the menu after a game results in temporary game stuttering and unresponsiveness (lasts 3-5 seconds) - According to Likes2Naps, it is not entirely fixed. Please report to the thread if you (the reader) or anyone else has encountered this still. (This occurs after matches as well).

9. Can not join a friends party. Message box says the party is 'private' but cannot change to not-private. (Temp fix - send party invite and accept invite) - OFC-Georgio (Confirmed to be normal. Thanks ATU)

10. Can not mute/un-mute specific players while in game. (Fixed in Dec. 5 patch) Can not mute all players (or 'all except friends') while waiting in a multiplayer lobby.

11. Mic sometimes doesn't work for a person on your team and you can only hear them when they die. It acts like they are on the other team and you can only hear their 'rage mic' when they are clearly on your team. - (editor - possible confusion with a different mic glitch where the 'rage mic' of the person raging doesn't appear Red, it appears White) - 7echidna7

12. Wiimote issue - cannot pivot your player while in ADS with a sniper without cursor flying across screen - M4GNUM  - (Fixed in Nov. 14th Update)

13. Situation - in a lobby waiting for a game to start, editing loadout. Something in the background causes you to get kicked out of the loadout editor - fairly certain it is the countdown timer resetting (due to people leaving, which is normal). - piiwii (I've personally had this issue also) - (Confirmed to be normal. Thanks ATU)

14. Textures failing to load in campaign sometimes leads to some pretty freaky grey wolves as well as objects that stand out in levels due to them not loading properly - DynamiteDan2012 According to Devaleo - on Struck Down, picking up guns look like they're using N64 textures. Also in Struck Down he encountered some similarly awful textures on the wall of photos after Ajax dies and in the escape chopper.

15. Cannot prone in many places of the main thoroughfare (where the stalls are) in Strikezone and in some places on other maps (Fixed in Dec. 5th Update)

16. If you 'mute all' or 'all except friends' during a game (inside the match), your mic might not work during the intermission (but will work while playing in the match). - (temp fix: un-mute all during the next match to reverse this glitch) - GamebroCrazy

17. When using the Wii Remote, there is no red name when your cursor is on them while NOT in ADS. Also, the pointer inner color doesn't turn to red if you're on target, like it was on previous CODs - kokkeman - (Fixed in Nov. 14th Update)

18. The game's audio still stutters/hitches occasionally. It sounds like a scratched CD where the sound cuts out/has static momentarily. This is still confirmed to happen on Sovereign, but happens on other maps too.

19. The male avatar/character has a female voice - RawJustice

20. There isn't an option to change the 'pick up weapon' button to 'the sprint button' (like in BO2) - RawJustice

21. Wii Remote -  There's no clock timer on the cursor when cooking a grenade or canister bomb for some people only. Confirmed with Alpha control preset. - RawJustice, Padiego (Editor - According to PenguinAvenger, it happens on his girlfriend's account but not his own, implying it is an account related issue)

22. Cannot use the 'off TV' functionality because the 'Display' button does not appear on the Gamepad for some users - kdallen (Editor - Not a glitch. TV must be set to 16:9 in Wii U system settings)

23. Game still freezes occasionally ingame and in the multiplayer menus.

24. In extinction mode, it's possible for a player to carry the drill and switch over to their weapon so they can't activate the drill to proceed in the level. It can be fixed by putting the player into second chance where they then drop the drill. - Treize

25. The "Preferred Weapon" soldier statistic doesn't update correctly - BlackMetroid95 (Editor - I've heard reports that it reflects the weapon that you have the longest gun streak with, not the weapon that you've used the most)

26. Player Patches/Customization items don't unlock correctly - BlackMetroid95 (Confirmed NOT glitched. Thanks ATU)

27. Pulling out of a match with a party can make the mic "off" until you go into a lobby again. - SinCaraxx

28. Inside the walls/out of map glitch on Stormfront - contact skMace0 and BobbyMcGee for more details (Fixed in Dec 5th. Update)

29. Prestige emblems are not shown on the leaderboards (Fixed in March 4th update)

30. Ranking up music still plays with music disabled - nintendont (Challenge Complete still plays sound and (of course), the ranking up music plays in Extinction despite the fact that the disable music option is on) - BobbyMcGee

31. No Search and Destroy leaderboard - nintendont (Fixed in Dec 5th update)

32. Final Killcam sometimes doesn't play at the end of the match - nintendont

33. Ammo glitch on extinction where ammo crates are only replenishing the weapon you have equipped - BobbyMcGee

34. The audio malfunctions when you have 4 or more sentry guns firing (tested in extinction) - uscoastguard

35. Wiimote issue - when melee is mapped to shake nunchuk, switching the zoom level on the VMR scope doesn't work properly. (Edit - it actually does work, but it changes zoom based on the way the nunchuk is shaken. An 'upwards shake' engages the 4x zoom, a 'downwards shake' engages regular zoom. Whilst this sounds like a cool way to switch between zoom levels, it's actually functionally worse than an undifferentiated nunchuk gesture because it requires the user to remember which gesture engages which zoom level)

36. When playing with two players in online multiplayer, one on the TV and one on the GamePad, the sound for the pad user comes through the TV. This causes many "audio cue" related problems especially with amplify and hearing enemy footsteps.- BobbyMcGee

37. There is a glitch on Freight in the game mode Blitz. If you sit upstairs over the capture point/zone on the Ghosts side of the map, the opposing team can't capture. - OG_Go_X

38. There is a consistent sign-in error issue with the second player where the second player is unable to sign in (regardless of the controller used). The issue occurs whenever the first player returns to the main multiplayer menu or switches to squads or extinction at which point the second player will continuously get the error message "You must be signed into Ghosts Online to play Ghosts Online" when trying to sign in - chrisraybell, RockTheMullet17 (Fixed in Dec 5th Update)

39. Sometimes after respawning, you only have the ammo that was left in your gun from before you died. - WiimotesRus02

40. The maximum audio volume of the GamePad is too low, even when headphones are plugged directly into it. Maximum volume should be at least doubled - chrisraybell

41. The GamePad audio cuts out when playing with two players and the player on the TV uses an ODIN. (confirmed to occur when the player on the TV is using Wiimote). Possibly also occurs with other kill streaks (unconfirmed). - chrisraybell

42. After a KEM strike has been used the scoreboard is faded (unsure if this is intended)

43. There is an map exploit allowing the player to get under the ground in Freight. - the1andonlyIKY (As of the March 13th, the community has seen an increase in people using this exploit. This has been placed in red as a major issue because of this.

44. There is an exploit that allows a player to 'buzz freeze' everyone in a game.(fixed in Dec.11 Update)

45. The Operations menu doesn't show up anymore. Selecting Operations takes you back to one menu level higher (Fixed in March 4th update) - OFC-Georgio, ichilenozo

46. When you display the Scoreboard on the Gamepad, it sometimes flicks back to the default view (the map). Cause unknown - piiwii

47. Matchmaking is broken - everyone (fixed? in Dec.11 hotfix)

48. Lynx does not start reload animation for 2 seconds after Aiming Down the Sights and emptying entire clip (It just stays in ADS for 2 seconds with an empty clip). Tested using a Lynx with ACOG and Extended Mags) - GamebroCrazy

49. Getting kills from a Loki obtained in a care package counts towards getting Specialist killstreaks. May not be limited to Loki and/or Specialist. Unsure if intentional or glitch. - GamebroCrazy

50. Wiimote issue - The button to 'use/pickup sentry/pickup satcom' is the same button to lock the camera. This results in accidentally picking up satcoms while ADS and locking the camera. This takes you out of ADS and gets you killed. Suggest allowing user configurable camera lock button (preferable) or making the 'use button' the same as the inventory button. - The_Tickler

51. There is an overturned table directly underneath the sniper post  near C flag (callout "tower") on the map Siege that you can get stuck in. If you crouch down and touch the side of the table where the legs are, you'll get stuck (Fixed in March 4th Update) - BlackMetroid95

52. Wiimote issue - Sometimes the aiming cursor for the Gryphon (orange) and Loki (blue) don't show. More info here -Player-controlled killstreaks using the wii remote (THE ORANGE CRUSOR IS NO LONGER SHOWING ON THE GRYPHON FOR WIIMOTES!)

53. Blood splatter occasionally appears on the screen after respawning - BobbyMcGee (According to Likes2Nap, blood splatter occurs when you respawn as a teammate is taking damage).

54. On Whiteout in Search & Rescue, aiming down the sights with a Thermal Scope from the first floor of the house that is in front of bomb site B shows enemies as invisible instead of white (or gray if they have the icognito perk) (It is not known if this happens in other game modes involving a bomb site). (Pictures/footage can be found here... Whiteout Thermal Bug - YouTube) - Dr0pk1ckz

55. Players Preferred Weapon is not updating properly (Gun changes but the streak may stay glitched) (Unsure if guns do not update either) - BobbyMcGee

56. If you have a Primary with the Grenade Launcher attachment (AR or LMG), and use any tactical while your Secondary (Does not apply to overkill with a primary instead of a secondary) is out, it will automatically switch to your Primary weapon with no input from the user after the tactical is used/thrown OR cancelled. (Fixed in March 4th update) - The1andonlyIKY

57. Leaving during a match does not give you a loss (Nor resets your win streak). - Reported by multiple players

58. The Grenade Launcher attachment ALWAYS counts as a picked up weapon. It can be used to complete the Field Order "Get 2 Kills With a Picked Up Weapon" as well as the "Wise Guy" Operation, all while never having to pick up a weapon. - The1andonlyIKY

59. Destroying your own gryphon counts towards the destroy gryphon challenge. - The1andonlyIKYThe


1. Players are reporting having connection issues lately

2. Destroying your own Vulture counts toward the Destroy Vulture Challenge - Craszitt

3. Team Tactical Operation is glitch up - Craszitt

4. In extiction, players cannot pick up a thrown Hypno Knife - GamebroCrazy

5. Players Wii U's are freezing on Stormfront when ADS (Mostly during a firefight) (Fairly common at the beginning of the match but these crashes can happen at anytime during the match) (In game sound effects of the thunder, rain, and wind play in the background as if the game is still running) (Players suspect the Lightning effects having something to do with this)

6. There is a exploit on Whiteout where players can enter the glacier that is in front of the boat and can be almost invincible inside it, being able to shoot through it and exit it at anytime.

7. Glitch were players can use infinite theromatic bombs. (As of April 1st, IW has been banning players for using this glitch and as a result, it is classified as a game breaking glitch. A hot fix is required before this becomes more widespread on the Wii U.)

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Awesome!!! Thanks for keeping this alive!!

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Jumping the gun there ain't ya boy?  No one said go ahead and make a thread.  No one said you were chosen to do so.  Simmer down a little bit now.  So far a few people would like to vote.  Not a single person on this forum told you to go ahead and make the thread.  Maybe you should chill out till everyone comes to an agreement.  I'm not saying that because I was "nominated" or whatever.  That's irrelevant. I'm saying that because you asked to take over the responsibility, and not a single person told you yes. I don't mind if you do, but if the community wants to vote, then we should vote don't you think?

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Yes, we should... It is the right thing to do.

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You basically made yourself king. When has that ever worked out?

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Did you not read the sub text?! I decided if no one wants to volunteer, then I guess I'll TEMPORARILY do it until things get settle out. I am waiting for you and everyone else to figure this out considering you want to vote on this (and I agree it's the right thing to do). Sorry if I sound rude to you, but I am no king Padiego. I am the Buffoon of the forums; I am volunteering for now until everything is figured out. So, I'm updating the thread until the next guy/girl takes the thread (Unless everyone including the Devs/mods are okay with me doing it, but I doubt it)

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Not really an issue why would we vote anyways? aslong as someone who wants to do it i dont think that should be a problem.

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Because; people feel that I should not do it which is why I said this would be temporary (I'll just update this for now until we figure everything out). Nap's right, it is better to vote someone to do it and I say vote ahead. Though I been on the Forums since MW3, I haven't really contribute to it until Ghost, so I am a complete stranger and ever since I started posting, it's been either goofy or serious post. Thus, nobody wants me to do it. Did I know pwnsweet asked for permission? No, so obviously there's going to be some voting and if someone else who does get elected and has a lot of time to do itvis chosen, then they will take it from here.

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its not that people dont want you to do it, or anything personal. as i said, several others tried to start a glitch thread, and everytime mods said no, pm a dev with your issue or create a specific thread to deal with that topic. pwnsweet has been around for ages, plays multiple platforms (cross-platform glitches), and was a big part of this community. hence trey allowing him to create that thread.

as i said, i have no problem who does it, but in the dictatorship that is the forums, we all deserve to vote/decide on something.

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