Our level fastfile is different from the server!


Ghosts Wii U

thanks trey this exploit has been REALLY p!ssin me off, so glad this issue has been fixed!!!!!!!!

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This is not getting fixed very quickly I've rebooted my PS4 I've checked to see if I had all the patches and I do I've been trying to join a match for over a half hour and still getting the same message getting kind of sick of this game already
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this is the Wii U section, PS4 problems don't apply here.

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@A_Trey_U wrote:

This issue should resolve itself as more people get the update.  Make sure you've rebooted your system if you haven't already.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi trey. I'm now having same problem. Been like this for 3 days. Any tips? Thanks

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I did reboot my xbox system and still have the error.  Can you please tell me what I need to do to resolve this issue.


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This is terrible. I have updated and rebooted 2 and it still does not work.


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I have loaded the update, get this error message just before match starts.  What are you doing to fix this problem? Please offer a solution better than 'it should resolve itself'. Thanks. 

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So seriously - what does "should resolve itself " even mean!?  Should I sit here like an idiot for an hour, a day - when will I be able to play?

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I am having this problem, turned Xbox off and on, reset router. Just keeps kicking me out of lobby as the game loads. OUR LEVEL FASTFILE IS DIFFERENT FROM THE SERVER! ABORTING CONNECTION? Any help greatly appreciated. 

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