Skipping lag on Multiplayer? HELP PLEASE!

Ghosts Wii U

Ok so I have fast internet (Xfinity/Comcast 30Mbps+ and my NAT is always Open or Moderate) but every game I go into, everyone skips around and makes it impossible to kill anyone. Is it my disc or...? I am getting really frustrated because I just want to play and I can't! Please help! I've tried everything, even messing with my router with Port Forwarding and the DMZ and all that but nothing seems to help. Please help!

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Same thing with me. I think it might be our internet providers being assholes. Charging us for shit service. I am hoping that the problem are the servers themselves.

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Cable internet uses a shared bandwidth connection. It will slow down during pick internet hours. Nowadays those slow down barely exist. Cable internet providers now have multiple data centers providing sufficient bandwidth to its customers.

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It's not safe to disable the DMZ as you keep it all open. By default you should not be doing any port forwarding on your router as you're not hosting a dedicated server on a computer inside your network. If you're playing Ghosts on PC it's different. The first time you play the game your PC firewall most probably detect the game trying to connect in the internet & will give you a pop up message whether to allow or deny such inbound/outbound connection. Your Wii U doesn't have a firewall so it won't block any internet connection. If you're not using a cable modem that you can purchased outside (like one of those Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems you can get at Best Buy) you're likely be using a cable modem provided by Comcast (which you're paying a monthly fee to rent). Cable modem like those used by Comcast (also called internet gateway & probably also made by Motorola) has built-in firewall. It also has a built-in wireless router. If you decide to disable the built-in wireless router & instead opt for a separate wireless router (ex: Netgear, D-Link, Linksys, etc.) the separate router also has a built-in firewall. Here's the typical scenario you're getting...

If you have a separate wireless router besides that of the one built-in on your cable modem you have double layer of firewall protection on your Wii U. If you're on your PC you have triple layer if you include the software firewall (McAfee, Norton, F-Secure, etc.). Since you're talking on of Wii U here don't think about PC & just concentrate on the double layer protection on the Wii U. If you're using a separate wireless router you can disable the Comcast cable modem or internet gateway firewall that way you only have a single wireless router firewall. This way there's less conflict in inbound/outbound traffic.

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I have 40mb Down, 30mb Up and still have HUGE issues with lag. I've seen very few host changes or drop out, until recently, which I assume they dropped all dedicated servers bc of cost. When will we get a company willing to put out the money for Good (not great or top of the line, but decent) servers that we can play on without major host lag! WTF did I buy a new updated system for if they are so greedy (investors I'm sure want more money) that they can't give us a good multiplayer experience? Most games are driven by online play, yet they never fix issues with online playability... They wonder why people didn't buy this game, WELL HERE IS YOUR ANSWER!

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this post is ancient... but no, that is not the answer. not at all. im not even sure how you could say its the answer. our community is tiny compared to the other consoles

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I probably have the worst connection on the forums, not my fault anyways... 2mbps download, Venezuelan power lol

Still I ONLY experience lag when someone is using a pc and downloading something or watching youtube. So, either lag comp is playing by my side, or it has nothing to do with the speed.

IMO the ping distance is a big player on this issue, way more than the connection speed.

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There is no fixing it.  The ridiculous lag involves every multiplayer game in the franchise.  It seems Co-op games are not near as bad (Squads/Ghosts, Spec Ops/MW3, Combat Training/BO1-BO2) and the Campaigns rarely see anything but a bit of lagging is  definitely noticeable at times.  Download and upload speeds can add to the problem of lag but even players with the best of the best in connectivity still see the issue. I would blame it on the technology but I've not been aggravated with it nearly as bad in Destiny, Battlefront, Battlefield, FarCry, Watchdogs, Fall Out, Just Cause, etc. (even though some of those are only single player but the open world aspect still moves a lot of data around).  Just learn to accept it because after over a decade of putting out games the COD issue of lag still seems to be their biggest problem.  They'll get it right someday but at 59.99 a pop they need to hurry the he// up.  

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