Some videos of the titan one with the wiimote

Ghosts Wii U

I'm getting an xbox one at Christmas as it seems they're having way less problems than PS4 with cod, and my son's friends have all gone to Xbone. And as most of OFC went to PS4 the xbox seems a better choice lol.

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This is on my wish list.  Gotta get a new router first, but then I'm saving up for one of these.  Wish they would just take advantage of the PS Move controller instead, but I guess that just won't happen for whatever reason.

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Did they work out out to do the ADS reach?  Looks like you have deadzone capabilities.  I'm really tempted to get this now that I've seen it in action.  I'm getting accustomed to DA controls playing Destiny and Star Wars Battlefront, but I'm SOOOO much better with a wii remote.  I haven't tried COD yet, but I might be good enough to be decent. 

In Battlefront at least it feels like there is just no skill.  The aim assist is SO strong!  I mean if you lock on and shoot first it's over.  I kinda hate that about these controls.  At least the Wii Remote in COD took time, effort, and skill to master.  I mean the AA in Battlefront feels stronger than BLOPS 2 to me.  Granted I haven't played that game with DA in a long time, but I normally remember the "feel" of a game just fine, and Battlefront feels noticeably stronger when it comes to AA. 

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BO4 is coming out soon so for all the wiimoters out there:

You can use the wiimote on PS3, PS4, XBOX360 and XBOX1
with the titan one or titan two converter stick from

or version 3 of the cronusmax converter stick

Happy wiimoting!
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