Support fell faster then BO2 ...

Ghosts Wii U

Last update: 4 weeks ago.


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How do you figure that? Ghosts has had more patches in one month than Black Ops 2 in its entire Wii U lifespan. You think because they're on Christmas vacation that they dropped support for the game?

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seriously dude the wii u team are on vacation and ur applying that they dont deserve one and they have fix some issues before they went on their break and they did say they will be working on patches wen they get back to fix more issues that alot of people have been complaining about so maybe u should have more patience.

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Look at the other forums. PS, PC and XBox devs didn't take a break.

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Look, we have no clue how resources are for every platform. But the fact that we are by far the smallest community and we have a dedicated studio outside of IW working for us (probably means no easy jump-ins from fellow staff) should be enough to show at least a little bit of patience.

Don't lose it because there have been 4 weeks since the last patch. I think that's a quite ok time span. Especially considering the holidays.

This year Treyarch provided an amazing post launch support so far. They even gave us some features and options the other consoles don't have (like disabling aim assist or turning off music).

That said, I really hope for at least a fix for the under the map glitch soon.

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They don't know how to party like the Wii U dev team.

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Maybe it's because Infinity Ward (Unlike Treyarch) doesn't take the holidays off (I think they take 3 days off (24th - 26th) and then go back to work).

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How can we expect support from an unsupported game on every platform if you didn't know it's hack on 360, ps3, ps4, xbone and poorly optimized on pc..

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I highly doubt that support has ended.  They are probably hunkered over their keyboards working on the next patch.

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You think? Nice to be optimistic I guess, because if I was them, I would be doing everything I can to find another job and get away from this headache.

What are you doing ATU, got anything to tell us or have you all been told to keep quiet now after Emiliogunz told us we're not getting dedicated servers??

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