That Feeling....?

Ghosts Wii U

  That feeling where Activision repeatedly  Screws Players over .

   Just brought the game specially for the Wii mote as a  Noob on the Wii U I need aim assist now I know you are all so wonderful in your god like ability to play without it and save the video gaming world with your total awesomeness but some players need it especially to start off with.

  Now I know you will say it will come back and all but will it really?  Activision and Gaming on a whole has looked down on Wii U as you would the son of a Old sporting Legend who despite much hype turns out he has no playing ability what so ever himself and should play in the minors off the base off his name alone, despite the constant threads of ~Where my DLC going on and on repeating the same monotonous tune with slightly different words over and over much like a One direction album, you have received a grand total off Feck all.

  So until aim assist comes back I guess I will be doing a lot of rage quitting.

  . Auf Wiedersehen

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You had to make another thread about this subject.

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i especially love when people buy the game and threaten not to play it.

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