The definitive bug/glitch tracking thread (FINAL update Dec.22)

Ghosts Wii U

nintendon't wrote:

-Ranking up music still plays with music disabled.

I know I'm nitpicking a bit but it's loud enough to drown out dem delicious footsteps. Got me killed today because I didn't hear the guy around the corner while it played.

Oh no.  That's not nitpicking.  That crap needs to get fixed.  The whole point of turning the music off is to not hear any music.  That situation in particular and for the very reason you mentioned.

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Uh... we added this option at the request of the community.  I'm happy to have the team look at the reported issue, but be nice.

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You responded very quickly to that request and several of us appreciate your swift action. Thank you.

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A_Trey_U wrote:

Uh... we added this option at the request of the community.  I'm happy to have the team look at the reported issue, but be nice.


...just kidding....there's not an angel smiley face with a halo so here's this.     

I'm passionate about sound in these games.  The music blocks other sounds (not just footsteps) and is quite distracting.  Thanks for adding the fix.  And I think I already said it once, but I'll say it again:  Thanks for the work y'all did on the Wii remote for this game.  It's AWESOME!

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Can I mention if certain streaks need a buff? Or not? Lol because I've used the Vulture killstreak (9 Kills) and it only got me 2 - 3 kills per game. For a killstreak that high I wonder why it's not doing anything. I think it's broken, or it's hit detection is off. I don't know, because it's really weak for such a high kill streak. Ehh, maybe that's intentional?

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if you can prove that its hit detection isn't working properly, I'd consider that a glitch for sure.

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I haven't read this whole topic.

We need "floating" to be added as a scope control method for wiimote. The advantage that the wiimote has is the ability to move the cursor quickly and accurately anywhere on the screen. Ironically this has been removed from scopes, the very instrument that is suppose to make guns more accurate. The cursor must be able to float freely for scoped weapons, and not only that, but the transition from hip-fire to ADS must be smooth and allow the cursor to move freely during the ADS animation. We currently have a strange mechanic where both the camera and cursor lock in place during the ADS animation. This is an incredible handicap and makes quick-scoping impossible.

It is no coincidence that the first thing wiimoters do with sniper rifles is remove the traditional scope in favor of an ACOG and then try to abuse the snap aim-assist. By removing the scope wiimoters get a free floating cursor. BO2 allowed for a free floating cursor for scopes. There's no reason Ghosts isn't doing the same thing.

Should a dedicated thread be made on this topic? Lot's of people are complaining about wiimote sniping.

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check your pm noob

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I don't know if its only me but when i play using the gamepad/pro controller the gun/arms move like if i was using a wii remote. Any ideas about this? What about the crazy one hit kills with any gun?

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