Titan One = Wiimote + cod on PS, XBOX and PC

Ghosts Wii U


  I knew of both the controllermax dongle and the titan one dongle (and the

  dispute between the two).

  Initially I choose (and purchased) the controllermax dongle because of their

  claim of a bigger community and better support. However to me the

  controllermax "staff" appeared evasive and suspicious about the api, library,

  a couple of software/website bugs I informed them about, future fixes and

  future updates, as well as arrogant and rude in their communication towards

  me (and others).

  After asking the same questions in the Titan One forums of

  c o n s o l e t u n e r I not only got (more detailed) answers, I also noticed

  there were software updates and even my request to have deadzone settings in

  MaxAIM DI was added to the new version over night.

  For now I assume that the Titan One team is the original developer and has

  the source code of the firmware, gtuner and the plugins while the controllermax guys do not.

  Based on this information I purchased a Titan One dongle and my scripts also worked on it.

  My "CM" scripts all worked on the Titan One of consoletuner.com.

  I will publish them in the Titan One / consoletuner database.

I  emptied all my posts at controllermax.com and posted all my stuff in the Titan One / Consoletuner forums
(the developer even made a wiimote section and made me a moderator).

So please choose Titan One. If you have a CM you will get the wiimote to work but their software upgrade path seems a dead end.



I got some first reasonable games with the bots on ps3 ghosts with the controllermax and the wiimote + nunchuk. Wooohoo!

At first I seemed to have some issues with my speedlink wireless sensorbar but by using my philips webcam that "sees" infra red light I discovered that the infra red lights in my speedlink wireless sensor bar has only 4 faint infra redlights while the wired wii/wiiu nintendo sensorbar is high quality with 8 bright infra red lights.

So I ditched the speedlink wireless sensorbar  and used the wiiu + sensorbar again while keeping an eye on the lights of the wiiu sensorbar with my philips webcam.

I found out that every time after a few minutes the wiiu went to sleep mode and turns off the sensorbar lights which resulted in my ps3 wiimote went haywire but after briefly touching the wiiu's wiimote the sensorbar was turned on again and the ps3 wiimote operated well again.

So as long as the sensorbar is turned on, the wiimote works reasonable on the ps3.

I still working on improving the controllermax script (next thing on my todo list: having two kinds of sensitivity settings one for ADS and one for non ADS).

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If you put the Wii U into Wii mode does it still go to sleep? I don't think the original Wii went to sleep after a while so maybe Wii mode will act like a Wii in that aspect.

I'm not sure but I think the Wii sensor bar uses 3 to 5 volts, you can probably wire one up with a usb connector on it and power it from a usb port of the ps3. You may want to verify that before trying it.

I did a google search of "Wii sensor bar with usb connector" and there is a third party product like that. You can also check youtube for "Converting Wii Sensor Bar to external power".

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barolb wrote:

Switch your Wii U into vWii mode. I don't remember if the sensor bar loses power when in vWii mode after extended lack of use, but unlike the Wii U, the Wii was not designed to be ultra energy efficient XD I'm pretty sure the sensor bar remains active after the Wii Remote disconnects from use, but you may need to make sure the low power options aren't enabled in the Wii System Menu (and also double checking the above wouldn't be a bad idea either).

I connected a 7 volt (instead of 4x 1.5=6v) old charger to the speedlink sensorbar and the lights went brighter but it did not match the in game sensitivity of the original ninetendo wired sensorbar (with more 8 or 10 ir led lights). I read that the first versions of the sensorbar has 10 lights (and use 12v) while the second generation has only 6 lights (and use 4v - 7v which can be achieved via usb).

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Are you guys referring to "sleep" as when it dims or when it shuts off after an hour or so of no use? I'd have to check on if you can change the dim time, but i KNOW you can change the shut off time. You can go into your setting and change it so it never automatically shuts off.

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There's a deadzone and a sensitivity script command which work reasonable.

You can have 10 profiles in the CM and switch by pressing a button on the CM dongle.

I copied my cod script 5 times and changed the sensitivity from 20,40,60,80,100.

In game I tested it and 40 seems a reasonable setting.

With a little scripting you could also assign a key for changing the sensitivity up and down while in the game.

So far I am pleased with the CM. I think i have configured it now "on 70%" of the wiimote feeling in the wii/wiiu and a few simple step can increase it to 80%/90% but the 100% feeling seems unlikely.

At this point in time I would give a YES to buy if you are willing to tweak the settings a bit (either by changing the script yourself or download/import scripts with the nice windows program that comes with the CM).

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I plan to get one but money is a little tight right now. Maybe within a few months I'll have one. I'll be on PS3 when that happens.

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Last weekend I managed to get all bravo settings configured in the CM dongle. Now the twisting of the wiimote and pressing the + button for throwing lethals is also working.

Right now I am testing having two separate sensitivity settings: one for aiming down the sights (ADS) and one for non ADS.

In the script it was easy to add an if then else command:

if WII_Z button is pressed


sensitivity(80, ...)


sensitivity(40, ...)

I hope this will increase the sensitivity and hit rate when ADS.

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let us know how this one works out.

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I just use 2 values that are very close to each other (it turns out that the game itself increases the sensitivity itself already almost enough for my liking when you ADS).

This is part of the script I use:

  define ADS_SENSITIVITY     = 45; // a lower value than the standard 50 value means more sensitive
define NON_ADS_SENSITIVITY = 50; // a lower value than the standard 50 value means more sensitive

if (get_val(WII_Z))
set_led(LED_3, 1);
sensitivity(WII_IRX , ADS_SENSITIVITY, 100);
sensitivity(WII_IRY , ADS_SENSITIVITY, 100);
set_led(LED_3, 0);
sensitivity(WII_IRX , NON_ADS_SENSITIVITY, 100);
sensitivity(WII_IRY , NON_ADS_SENSITIVITY, 100);

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Super Smash Bros for 3DS - How's the Layout? - YouTube

Pretty much an explanation of why this game can never work on any console.

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